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The Passion Controversy

by David Garland in David's Blog

As I was sipping (READ: draining) my iced coffee today I was thinking about one of the age-old debates:

Money vs. Passion.

Some folks REALLY believe you don’t have to be passionate about your business to be successful. You just have to be passionate about…well…being successful.

Others REALLY believe that you better be freaking passionate about your business or you will go down the tubes faster than…um something that goes down the tubes fast.

When it comes to this, I take a very hard line SPECIFICALLY when it comes to an online personal brand (or “expert”) and online course business (mediapreneurs…hey that’s all of us).

Ready for it?

You better be freaking passionate about your topic & your business…or you will be out of business.

My quote from 2010 that “money follows passion and not the other way around” is as true today as it ever was.


Because this business is YOU. You are teaching. You are creating content. You are forming relationships with people on your email list (and real life of course).

If you aren’t passionate about the topic you are teaching? Someone else is and they are going to win. Meaning if you are teaching how to jump higher but you don’t care that much about jumping higher…there is someone else out there who eats, sleeps and breathes jumping higher. He has read every book. He talks endlessly to anyone who will listen about it. He is out there practicing himself. He is creating cool videos on jumping higher. He has a jumping higher course. When he sees something up in the sky he tries to jump and touch it. You get the idea.

If you aren’t passionate about building a successful business on your terms? Then you will skip things like “marketing” and “making money.”

That’s no good. No good at all.

How about people that are passionate about building a business but not passionate about the topic they are teaching…what happens to them? Those are the folks you see skipping around from topic to topic month after month, year after year. This month they are teaching dog training and next month they are teaching water aerobics. They have zero traction.

So what do you do?

-If you’ve found that passionate topic…stay there in your zone. For example, I love showing people how to create freedom-based businesses through online courses (work from anywhere, on your terms, not trading time for money and helping people get results). That’s where I focus 100%. Things like creating online courses, building a passionate audience/email list, etc. That’s my happy place. Are there days I face burnout when facing the same question for the 4,000th time that week? Absolutely. But I’m talking LONG TERM here.

-If you haven’t found that passionate topic…keep looking. I hate to say “when you know you know” but it is so true. Same with a significant other. Best way to do it is by continuing to experiment, create content and products, etc. All will become clear and when it does become clear…you have to STICK WITH IT.

And next time someone tells you “you don’t have to be passionate” politely smile, slowly turn around and run away. Fast.


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