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Step #1 to getting your online course up online: How to buy hosting & install WordPress in less than 5 mins (for $3.49)

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Alrighty, so let’s talk about the VERY FIRST STEP to setting up your website for your online course. You need 3 things that can all be done in one place…and in less than 5 mins. Super easy. No tech degree required.

Thing #1: A domain name…for example: …whatever domain you want your course to be on.

Thing #2: Hosting…this is where your domain lives online  (think of it as your own little special place on the Internet…awww how cute).

Thing #3: A fresh WordPress install. A blank, brand spankin’ new WordPress site.

All three of these things can be done super quickly. As in as quick as it takes to make instant coffee (yes, instant coffee).

Here is what you do:

STEP #1: Use my special link for BlueHost right here:

Fun Fact: I talked to the good folks at Bluehost and they are giving us all a killer deal….49 a month for your hosting AND you get a free domain with that (meaning

STEP #2: Watch this quick video below of me setting up a domain, hosting and a fresh wordpress install on BlueHost in less than 5 mins (they have a really cool 1-click WordPress install!). I’ll walk you through exactly what to do from start-to-finish below:

STEP #3: Throw yourself a little party, party! Maybe not a party but at least smile because, boom. You completed the first step. You are on your way.

STEP #4: I would recommend nabbing Course Cats. Course Cats will walk you through the rest and includes a customizable killer template for your course website (which will make your site look like you hired a 6-figure designer and developer), sales page and more…as well as complete training to walk you through the entire process from start to finish (meaning how to set it up, add in your course content, create your sales page, integrate with plugins/email all that jazz).


…more to come!

Happy course creating,


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