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How You Can Get Shamelessly Plugged On The Fall Season Of The Rise To The Top On ABC

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Riveting News

Alrighty folks, here is the deal. The Rise To The Top will be BACK on ABC this fall (KDNL-ABC30) with twelve original episodes airing four times a week: 9:30 AM CST every Sunday before “This Week” and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday after “Jimmy Kimmel Live” starting September 5th and running for twelve weeks.

There are several neat things going on you will be interested whether you live in St. Louis or outer-Mongolia (because of course the episodes will run online as well).

You might have noticed on the right side of the site some friendly faces and they can also be found on the experts page as our featured experts.

This folks and others like them will be appearing on each episode of The Rise To The Top serving up doses of non-boring, fluff-free advice for entrepreneurs like you whether you are young or young at heart, just started your first business or on your 10th. This means answering your questions, helping solve some of your issues or anything else you might need them for including picking their brain on their experiences as well.

Think of it as a billion dollar advisory board of experts and you don’t even need to pay them! SWEET.

Now the even more fun part: If you ask a question and it is used on the show, you will be shamelessly plugged by me (your name and your company name) in front of a huge audience (SWEET) AND will get linked up online as well.

Here a few questions you might have (I can smell the flood of emails coming), so I’ll do my best to jump on them now:

1. When I can submit my question?

RIGHT NOW! Show tapings begin next week, so the quicker you get it in, the better.

2. Where do I submit a question?

A few options:

Email me

-Leave it in the comments here (make sure to mention your name and company name)

On Facebook (make sure to mention your name and company)

Via Twitter (just reply to @therisetothetop and start your tweet with: “Question For The Show:

3. Can I submit more than one?

Sure, why not. Ask your heart out.

4. Any advice on question asking?

Obviously, specific is a good thing. As well as “real life” problems you are having that others might be having as well. Opinion questions are also good…meaning asking for the panelists thoughts on something.

5. What topics will be covered?

A whole variety:

-Marketing (online & traditional)

-Hiring and Firing


-Customer Service





-General entrepreneurship and business questions (on anything you want)

-Social media



Meet the experts. Take a look at their profiles (more added soon) and ask your little heart away.

So, what is your question? How can our entourage of leaders and experts help you?

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