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September Launch: The Rise To The Top Season #2 Will Rock Your World

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Riveting News

So, I’ve been bombarded with emails, messages, DM’s on Twitter, Facebook messages, phone calls (darn voicemail..promise to get back to everyone) with people (pretty much) asking the same question: When is The Rise To The Top Season #2, where can I watch and who are the guests?

First of all, thanks for caring! Seriously, it means a lot as we have been busting our tails behind the scenes conducting interviews, doing research, traveling around the country, and most importantly listening to what you want for this season and let me tell you, I PROMISE we are going to deliver (insert smily face) the most unique and entertaining business show on TV (and online of course).

Once again, thank you for taking the time to tune in and I will see you on the air on September 6th (and on the blog of course before then).

FAQ and The Rockin’ Facts On The Rise To The Top Season #2

When is the first episode launching? Season Launch Date: September 6th, 2009  (9-6-09) at 11 AM CST.picture-12

How Often Will There Be A New Episode? Every Sunday beginning September 6th you can enjoy a NEW jampacked-episode-of-fun-entertaining-and-oh-you-will-learn-something-too-business-show.

Where Can I Watch and Interact? Short Answer: When, Where, and How You Want!

In St. Louis:
1.  On TV #1: Every Sunday at 11 AM on ABC30 following This Week With George Stephanopoulos
2. On TV #2: Can’t tune in then? No worries! Catch replays every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday following Jimmy Kimmel Live at 1 AM on ABC30

If you prefer other ways to watch OR are not In St. Louis:
1. Online: Shows will ALWAYS be available with limited commercial interruption on The Rise To The Top website plus show notes on the blog and if you really like an episode, easy ways to share it with friends and embed them on your website.
2. On your cell phone: The Rise To The Top Mobile is optimized for ALL smart phones. Simply head to You can watch full shows, check out bonus footage, the blog and more including when the next LIVE event will be taking place.
3. On your desktop: (via The Rise To The Top Desktop Widget coming soon).
4. On ITunes: Check out our Itunes Feed and catch up on shows from last season.
5. On Yahoo’s New Connected TV Service. Have a new TV from Samsung, LG, Sony or Vizio? You will be able to watch The Rise To The Top via Yahoo! TV Widgets this fall WHEREVER YOU ARE! Plus you will be able to Tweet from your TV and more surprises. Stay tuned for details.
6. Widget Fun Time. We have a brand new Widget (thanks to our good buddies at Widget Realm) which will be available by launch date. You can install the widget FOR FREE on your own website, blog, or even your Facebook account and have The Rise To The Top including major interviews with business celebrities where it is most convenient (Bloggers: *Hint* Great way to bring in new traffic!)

…..whew…. that’s it for now. Spoiler Alert: There will be even MORE ways soon.

Who Should Watch? You of course! If you are an entrepreneur, thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, want to learn more about social media for business, enjoy business but are bored by normal pleated pants business shows, want to learn about unique ways to give back to your community and be healthier person, aspire to learn more about marketing and building your brand, like hearing behind-the-scenes stories of interesting well-known folks who spill their guts and expertise, feel a little lonely in your business world (awww group hug), like to keep up with technology even if you aren’t a techie, enjoy actionable tips from experts, fun under-the-radar David vs. Goliath stories, and can stand me for about 30 minutes…then it this show is for you.

What Can We Expect? Shhhhh…I can’t reveal ALL the secrets..OK fine you convinced me to release a few.Sure we have a fancy new look this season (oooooo pretty and shiny) but it is all about giving you valuable ways to build your business, become inspired, learn about how to apply business trends right away and secret resources from our jar (no we don’t have an actual jar) of tricks.

We have SUPER A++++++++ guests. The featured guests you will probably recognize such as our first guest Anna Kournikova. But we also have some under-the-radar guests and stories that hopefully will get your butt off the couch and make something happen.

Any New Segments? You bet! Here is a run down of what we have going on for you:

-Build Your Brand 2.0: Forward-thinking game-changing idea for your business in this quickly changing world.
-Oh So That’s How You Do It! We’ve spent the time, the $ and done the research to bring you step-by-step advice and eliminate confusion on popular topics to help your business.
-Maximizing Social Media: Ok, so maybe you’ve setup a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account. Now what do you do especially if you want to form better relationships and grow your business? We’ve found the top “A” players in social media offering ideas on what to do and also what NOT to do.
-The Ultimate Entrepreneur Playbook: Screw the recession! We are taking a page out of the playbook to save you time and money including resources, tips from experts (including familiar favorites from last season) and more.5410_587215947402_3101235_34608711_3933485_n
-Get Off Your Couch and Get Involved: Giving back, special events, and secret features (info coming soon!). Shhhhhh.

Look for special information as we lead up to the first episode. Here is a taste of what you can expect: Exclusive interview with tennis celebrity Anna Kournikova, Building Your Brand through Widgets with Brian Powell, Twitter Tips with rock star blogger Ria Sharon, plus what we did on our summer vacation.

And remember No Pleated Pants

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!