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RISE On ABC #26: Selling Your Time, Incentives, Cloning Yourself, Becoming A Better Storyteller, Overcoming Mistakes & More

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by David Garland in David's Blog

This episode originally aired on KDNL-ABC30 in St. Louis, Missouri as part of the Fall season of The Rise To The Top. You can catch new episodes every Sunday at 9:30 AM CST before “This Week”, with replays at 1 AM CST every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.

In This Episode

1. I have a rapidly expanding practice that is very niche-focused and growth is becoming quite a challenge. When what you sell is not a computer program or a can of beer, but instead is your time, what is the best way to grow and scale up your operations? – Question submitted by Martin Kamenski, President, Rock Star CPA.


JoAnna Dettmann


JoAnna Dettmann, Co-Founder, tSunela



Ryan Mortland


Ryan Mortland, Founder, MB Consulting Group



Jeff Michelman


Interview with Jeff Michelman, Principal, Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal P.C.



2. Learning about sales incentives. Briefly, explain what is sales incentives? If you wanted to get started with a sales incentive program, what are maybe three tips?

Michelle Pokorny


Interview with Michelle Pokorny, Solution VP – Sales Incentives, Maritz



3. Two massively successful restaurants. You have cloned yourself. This is a problem many entrepreneurs have. So let us know the secrets.

Brad Beracha


Interview with Brad Beracha, Founder, Beracha Concepts



4. Becoming a better storyteller. All marketing and media is really stories. What would be one tip for entrepreneurs?


Jamie Allman


Interview with Jamie Allman, Show Host, Allman In The Morning on FM NewsTalk 97.1



Kevin Gagnepain


Kevin Gagnepain, Marketing Coordinator, APC Direct



Ben Scully, President of Business Development, Abstrakt Marketing

5. What is the biggest mistake you made? How do you overcome it? The takeaway for entrepreneurs.


Johnny Londoff


Johnny Londoff, President, Johnny Londoff Chevrolet



Bruce Gibbs


Bruce Gibbs, President, GFI Digital



Scott Scully


Scott Scully, President of Agency Division, Abstrakt Marketing



6. Question for David: How can I promote my intangible service using social media (I do color analysis & wardrobe consulting, not actual products) when I also bill at a high rate (or at least, it is perceived to be a high rate)? It’s been a constant struggle for me, because my hurdle is ALWAYS in educating potential clients on the value of what I do. So maybe the question should be: How can I communicate using social media the VALUE of what I do, so that I can get more prospects/clients? – Question submitted by Lauren Battisini, Color My Closet

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How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

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