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Rise @ Nite Episode #3 The Sage Stops In, Sales Horror Stories and David's Selling Secrets

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Interesting Entrepreneur

Rise @ Nite Episode #3 The Sage Stops In, Sales Horror Stories and  David’s Selling Secrets
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Gill's question to you: Do you have a sales horror story to share? Comment below!

The Sage of Selling Gill Wagner is about as unique as they come. He is what I like to call “a character” and a master at selling. He is one of those people you can throw difficult questions to and he answers with ease and always speaks his mind especially if he thinks someone has be wronged (as you can see above…don’t get on his bad side). Gill’s mission to bring honesty back to selling is refreshing especially in this “Debbie Downer” Economy. Oh and he can do some crazy stuff with the alphabet.

As someone who is on both sides of sales (I’m pitched to all the time by people wanting me to buy advertising or space and I of course sell creative sponsorships and advertising for the show) I love how Gill is so anti-predator when it comes to sales.

I’ve seen sales people that…frankly…suck. They aren’t passionate about the product they sell and try to anything and everything to “make the sale”. It is this stereotypical “Tell me what it will take to put you in this (INSERT BLANK OF THING YOU DON’T WANT)” that gives me the shivers.
So after being in the trenches of sales and based on my experience of getting doors slammed in my face, learning, and then signing major clients over the past few years (including On The Run Mobil, UPS, Anheuser Busch, Pepsi to name a few), here are a few tips:

#1: Create a referral system. Simply ask for referrals on your receipts or set up a formal referral system with bigger customers. Perhaps they get 5% off their next order with each referral.  Remember people buy from who they know and trust.

#2: Always alleviate a pain with your product. Tickle Me Elmo alleviated the pain of parents unable to shut up their kids wanting the toy, workout programs alleviate the pain of being overweight, Virtual Nerd alleviates the pain of tutoring being too expensive, The Rise To The Top alleviates the pain of most programming on TV sucks. Just kidding. We love you reality TV. OK, I’m lying.

#3: Ask Questions: Don’t just show up and throw up when trying to make a sale. Meaning don’t lay all your cards out on the table and try to make the customer buy. Instead be inquisitive and ask what they need? What is the perfect product they are looking for? What products or services have failed them in the past? The right questions will lead to the right answers.

#4: I’m taking this one from “The Nametag Guy” Scott Ginsberg. You must be persistent but not pushy. You know the pushy salesperson that comes flying up to you at 100 miles the second you walk into the furniture store. Don’t be that guy! You do, however, want to be persistent because frankly some customers are hard to reach. Persistence means an occasional email or phone call, not shoving products into someone’s face. That is just not sexy sales.

#5: This is a big one. If your sale doesn’t work out with your customer, always politely and disarmingly inquire “why” unless it is painfully obvious such as trying to sell a hockey stick to a baseball player. Say that you are always trying to improve and would love to know a tip or two so you can improve the product/service/presentation for next time. You will be surprised at what you learn.

Live Passionately! – David Siteman Garland – The Creative Opportunities Specialist and Entrepreneurial Chameleon –

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