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Ask David: Is There a “Right Time” to Come Out with a Product and Sell It to My Audience?

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by David Garland in David's Blog

OK, so as you know, there is a chicken or egg debate when it comes to mediapreneurship.

Behind door #1: Build a fan base and an audience and then come up with a product/service/something awesome to sell to them.

Behind door #2: Create an awesome product/service/something to sell and then go build the audience.

Spoiler alert…both work.

However, let’s say you decide to open door #1. You are hustling to build your audience. Creating awesome content. You’re rocking and rolling. Bee-bopping-and-scootin’.

And then you start to get stuck. When should I release a product (aka. sell something)? Is there a perfect time? Do I need a certain amount of subscribers? Ahhh crap!

If this is where you are stuck, I’m going to give you a straight-up dose of delicious reality in today’s DSG TV where I answer the question: “Is there a ‘right time’ to come out with a product and sell it to my audience?”. Watch below.

In the comments section, what is your take? Do you think there is a “right time” to come out with a product? What has been your experience with it? Leave some love and let’s discuss it up!

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