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12 Key Questions To Answer BEFORE Starting Your Own Online Show

8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

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by David Garland in David's Blog

OK, so perhaps you found your inspiration somewhere. Maybe you watched my interview with Justin Lukasavige or Gary Vaynerchuk or Amber Mac. And you decide: Damn it. I’m going to do my own video or audio show.

You think: This is a great way to build my business, meet new people, become an authority and leader and just sounds like fun.

Excellent choice my friend. Before worrying about the extreme details and techy stuff (such as “What editing software do I need? or “What kind of camera do I need to buy?) there are some key questions:

1. How will your show make you money?

Yes, money. The bling bling. Cold hard cash. Notice I didn’t ask “How will the show make money?” the “you” is a key change. Because your goals might be to make money directly from it or indirectly. For example, you might go for the advertising/sponsorship route and monetize directly. Or you might use the show as a platform to also promote your products, services, whatever. Or use it to indirectly promote you as a speaker, consultant, wizard, whatever.

2. Do you have a schedule in mind?

Taking all things into considerati0n (your time, sanity, audience, etc.), how often are you planning on releasing a show? Once a week? Once a day? Once an hour (that might be tricky). I’ve noticed creating an editorial schedule or at least a promise to be consistent is a huge key to success.

3. What makes your show unique?

Is it your personality? The guests you are going to have? A new spin? A different look at an industry? A cool way of shooting it? What makes you stick out from the pack not only in your industry but in general? With RISE, I wanted to make the show non-boring and fluff-free. What about you?

4. What else is out there in your niche?

Google around. Ask friends. Do some research. What else is out there in your niche? Is everyone doing blogs? Nobody doing blogs? Lots of shows? Few shows? Gary Vaynerchuk started Wine Library TV because he knew his personality was suited for video and everything else out there on wine was text.

5. What else is out there in general?

Sometimes the best way to learn is OUTSIDE your niche. Take a look around. Find inspiration from a tech show or a monkey show or a sports show. Pay attention to their format, style and strategy. What can you learn?

6. Is your show replicable?

Think of the talk show model. A different guest every day. A movie star, author, celebrity. Or whatever. This works for many reasons, but a big overlooked one is it is replicable. There is a lot of content. They stick to a format. Is there enough information, guests, etc. for you to do this for a long time or will you run out of material in a week?

7. What format best suits you?

The beauty of the Internet is you don’t have to be held to traditional media rules. Excellent. But, the opposite end of it is also true. Too many people aren’t consistent with their format. Sure, it is fantastic to spice it up sometimes and surprise people, but in general a format works: Length, segments, etc. Perhaps you always interview someone. Or you go through the top news headlines. Or take Q&A from Twitter. Whatever it might be. Outline how your show will “work.”

8. What are YOU responsible for and what can you outsource?

Are you the host? Is someone else the host? If you plan on having guests, who is responsible for getting them? Will heavy editing be needed? Will you be spending the time uploading it and making it pretty? Does your website need a bit of an overhaul? Do you need a new site for your show? Who is going to spend the time building the audience and community? Who is going to spend the time keeping the audience and community coming back?

9. Video or audio?

A show is pretty much video or audio or both. How do you want to go about it? Does one scream your name? If neither does, perhaps you need to rethink to another format: Blog, articles, forums, online magazines. The list goes on.

10. How are you going to market and promote?

What is your game plan on the marketing and promoting end? Nothing worse than a great show with no viewers. Where do the folks that need to know about your show hang out? Are they on Twitter? Facebook? Forums? How about offline? Events? Conferences? What is your strategy?

11. Can you commit a set amount of time?

Can you make a commitment and promise right now for the next 6 months or (even better) a year? A promise that you will still with it? An understanding, that like everything, it takes time, effort, drive and passion?

12. Are you willing to go one-on-one?

Connect with each and every member of your community? Answer questions? Be helpful? Focus on relationships? Give first before receiving? I can tell you from blood, sweat and experience that the online show world and offline show world are two different animals. Your effort online, to be successful, is a mix of content and relationships.

What did I miss? Any other burning key questions? Think a show is right for you and your business? I might be able to help as well. Check out the Work With David page to find out more about some ways I can consult with you one-on-one about your show.

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

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