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Peace Olive Oil: Bringing Together The Middle East Through Entrepreneurship

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Interesting Entrepreneur

The Middle East often brings to mind war and confusion, but young entrepreneur Omri Cohen is doing his part to end the misconceptions through…Olive Oil. His company, Peace Oil.

I caught up with Omri this spring in New York City as he attended the first annual Kairos Society Summit for the top young entrepreneurs in the world. Omri resonates with passion and like many young entrepreneurs, he is not just seeking to create a profitable company, but instead aspires to better the world.

“There is a different way to live in the Middle East. We have a joint venture between Israel and Jordan,” exclaims the picture-11passionate young entrepreneur who is seeking 1.5 million in funding for his unique olive oil which he plans to distribute internationally.
Peace Oil features five unlikely partners: 3 Israelis and 2 Jordanians. Together they hope to capture the olive oil shortage in the United States (who knew? certainly not me).

In tough times like these, it is refreshing to see someone like Omri ceasing the day and creating a unique company.
Find out more about Peace Oil right here.

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