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The Rise To The Top Guide To Orchestrating A MASSIVE New Media Tour

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Riveting News

Alexa "What's Hot" ProductsSo, this past week my book, Smarter, Faster, Cheaper, launched. Perhaps you heard (*wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*).

While long-term impact is the goal of the book (a long-term relationship as opposed to a one night stand), having a strong launch week is also important.

To kickstart the first week, I coordinated a new media tour (similar to Seth Godin when he launched Linchpin) which included interviews on blogs/online shows, guest articles/blog posts/videos on other sites, and all kinds of other goodies, including a unique interactive Q&A session on Danny Brown’s awesome blog.

What has been the impact so far of the new media tour and what are some tips for doing your own tour?

While the tour is just beginning (much more in the works over the next few weeks, heck months), there has been some massive tangible results. If you want to be a “stop” on the tour and think it is a good fit, make sure to reach out here.

Here are a few results from just the first 5 days of the tour (which has been shocking and humbling):

Amazon Bestsellers in Marketing

  • 5,000+ tweets mentioning the book, an interview about the book, a guest post or anything involving the book/interview/etc.
  • 4,000+ mentions on Facebook.
  • 100+ photos of awesome people, kids, and animals with the book were taken and shared on blogs, Facebook, Flickr, etc.
  • 50,000+ unique visitors to and
  • 50+ reviews have popped up throughout the Internet (I nabbed a few of them below).
  • The book on Amazon moved into the bestseller category (Top #3 Marketing books), right behind Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point”.
  • ranked the buzz around Smarter, Faster, Cheaper as being one of the top 10 “Hot Products” online (funny how another product mentioned is the “Big Butt Book”…glad I was in front of THAT book, haha).
  • Amazon nearly ran out of copies six times and the publisher had to LITERALLY send a truck with more books. Good problem to have, I suppose. I wonder if it was an actual dump truck that was sent. That would be funny.
  • MOST retailers throughout the country ran out of books and have scurried to get more in stock (they should have more now or feel free to yell at them and make a scene). Here is one member of RISE nation on a quest to find a book.
  • I’ve threatened to wear a bunny suit for a full day and film it…although this isn’t about some kind of validation of being on a bestseller list. There are more important things in the world.
  • At least several requests have come in now from traditional media sources ranging from radio to national TV.
  • …plus much more, and it is just beginning.

If you know someone that STILL thinks new media isn’t awesome, show them this and smile.

What are some lessons learned so far?

Young Smarter, Faster, Cheaper Reader#1: You Need Help…: If you try to pull off a tour on your own, literally by yourself, you will cry. A lot. I’d highly recommend getting some help. For me, I had help coming from a couple of different ends. I hired a rockstar, Elizabeth Marshall, to help coordinate the launch and keep me sane. And my “scheduling tzar and database diva” Jaimie (one of my two amazing virtual assistants) kept everything in order.

#2:…But YOU Have To Be In The Trenches: Help is definitely needed and necessary, but it isn’t about others doing everything. I spent literally hundreds of hours writing guest posts, emailing bloggers and new sources, etc. You can’t outsource the relationships.

#3: Ready To React: Like a linebacker in football, you need to be able to read and react. During launch week, all kinds of crazy things happened, including scheduling changes, barrages of emails, random opportunities, etc. If your schedule is too full during your tour, you won’t be able to jump on opportunities. Allow yourself time to be able to react to new things that might come across your desk.

#4: This Is All About Relationships: No bloggers or new media sources on the tour were people I cold emailed or called. I had a previous relationship with every single one of them in some form or fashion, OR I was introduced to them by someone they know, like, and trust. Build relationships before you need them or you might come off as a sketchy product pusher. It is all about giving. Give, give, give, give, give, and good things will happen.

#5: Following Up Separates You From The Pack: If this sounds simple, it is. Yet, I can’t tell you how often this is overlooked. You have to follow up with people. It takes time and effort, but is extremely necessary.

#6: Everyone Matters: Everyone that cares, matters. All the way from big influential people to up-and-comers. How can you make everyone feel special and still leverage your time the best? It doesn’t mean you have to take every opportunity, but size isn’t the only thing that matters.

#7: Personal Touches: I was able to send out some early copies of the book before the release of the book through my publisher. However, I made sure two things happened. One, no press releases (nothing is less personal). Two, I wanted to make sure to include a personal note in every book sent out before launch. So, I ended up writing 100+ personal notes on Smarter, Faster, Cheaper stationary and overnighting it to the publisher along with a list of people that got books. Nothing beats a personal touch.

Finally, it is an ongoing journey. Online content is extremely valuable (especially since it stays up forever). Who knows what will happen next?

And those are some quick tips and takeaways. I hope you found them helpful.

And here is a rundown of some of the stops on the new media tour, as well as reviews.

This list will continually be updated on a weekly basis so check back often if you want to see updates. It’s a mixture of interviews, personal stories, lessons from the book, tips for you and your business, and much more.


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What about you? See any takeaways or ideas you can use for your business?

8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

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