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New Show For Entrepreneurs: RISE Launching in Janaury 2010

How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Riveting News

So, why should you care about the new show?

1. RISE is 100% About You: The Entrepreneur Looking To Maximize Your Business:

Starting Monday, January 4th you can count on 5 minutes of easily-digestible practical tips, tricks, creative marketing ideas, How-To’s and more in our “web dome” which includes a white board for diagrams and other goodies (Thanks to Virtual Nerd for the inspiration). There will be action steps, resources and more.

2. You Won’t Be Bored:

Every day will be a little bit different. It may be 10 book reviews for entrepreneurs in 5 minutes or a dissection of how Chris Brogan does business and what you can learn from him or 5 simple things you can do on Twitter right now to create business partnerships. Also, special guests and experts will be stopping into our new studio to do lessons of their own with me.

3. Have A Question? We Will Answer It:

Seriously, this is all about you. It will be easy to submit a question for the show on the newly designed website (launching January 1st, 2010, PUMPED about that) and on social media sites. Many shows (at least once a week) will be devoted to your most burning questions (I had to get the word “burning” into this).

4. Expert Interviews:

I don’t know about you, but I love learning from the absolute best including those that have risen to the top or are standing on top of the mountain. Yup, interviews are here to stay especially in our new longer form Skype interviews that will compliment many of the 5 minute shows. So if you want to stick around and learn from folks like the author of The Four Hour Workweek Tim Ferriss, we will have plenty for you.

5. Resources, Resources, Resources:

It seems every day new web tools are coming out to make your life easier. Awesome. But which ones are the absolute best and add the most value for your business? Well in our “lab” (if you will) we have done the testing (and are still testing and looking for products and services to help entrepreneurs grow their business so if you have one, feel free to contact me). There will be product reviews, demos, and a downloadable interactive PDF called “The Ultimate Entrepreneur Playbook” which has comprehensive listings of products and services we use and trust and recommend to you and why (Mix of free and paid services).

Of course, in full disclosure, each 5 minute show will have a sponsor who we know and trust that brings something great that you can use right now. There will be no crap and we are working hard to get you the absolute best deals on their products and services only offered on RISE and nowhere else (If interested in partnering up with us, feel free to shoot me an email to David AT

How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

Free Training!

Grab Your Seat!