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The New Has Officially Freakin’ Launched

How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Riveting News
The New Has Officially Freakin' Launched

Drumroll please…(badadaadadadadummmmmmmmmm).

The new website is here!

Take your shoes off, put your feet up, and enjoy a brand new design and feel to the website.

While the old website was nice, it was time for an upgrade and I couldn’t be happier that we are now live and kicking. A big thank you to The Loud Few for being the design/programming rock stars (and putting up with my obsessiveness and details).

I’m a big believer in reinventing yourself and I try to do so pretty much every year. The goal of the new site is really simple: Focus on interesting interviews with awesome people and make them really easy for you to find, listen to, watch, and enjoy.This year on the show, I’m bringing on a wide variety of guests that I think you will be excited to hear from (some you know…and some maybe not). Not only will I be interviewing creative entrepreneurs and best-selling authors for you, but I will be branching out into some “new” areas and bringing you into the behind-the-scenes world of interesting artists, passionate entertainers, and intriguing athletes…plus surprises (evil laugher).

So, enjoy the new site. Poke around. Subscribe if you haven’t already. There are all kinds of subscription options to fit your tastes, including:

Daily Email Subscription (as soon as I post something new, you get a ping via email)
Weekly Email Subscription (Thursday digest of the past week’s interviews and updates)
RSS (always a popular option)
iTunes Audio Only (great for the gym/car) and iTunes Video

Fun Fact Of The Day: All episodes are mobile/iPad friendly AND you can watch them on your TV through Roku Player and Connected TV (if you have a new Samsung, Sony, Vizio, LG or Toshiba TV with TV Widgets..The Rise To The Top is waiting for you on there just search for it). And more platforms are to come! End fun fact.

As with any website launch, there might be a bug or two as all the data (such as somewhere around 20,000 comments) gets moved over (and please let us know if you see anything), but I think you will enjoy it.


How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

Free Training!

Grab Your Seat!