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by David Garland in David's Blog

Proud papa bear moment coming!

As you know my mission is simple: I’m super passionate about helping experts dominate online.

And that is the mission of The Rise To The Top as well: The Rise To The Top is a show, blog and resource all about helping experts build their biz (especially online). You know this.

OK, here comes the proud papa bear moment. I love my Create Awesome Interviews peeps. I mean REALLY love them.

My hope in creating the Create Awesome Interviews system/course was to help people with a specific passion/expertise build relationships with all the cool people in their niche by interviewing them, build a passionate fan base/community/list and increase revenue like woah.

Because listen, it is one thing to take about 250 hours to create a course to teach people how to create, promote and profit from online interviews. Trust me, when I finished it and got it out to the world, I was a happy camper.

But it is an entirely OTHER level of joy when people get the big results you hoped for them (and MORE). Fly my baby ducks. Fly!

Check this out…and at the bottom I’ve got a limited time special for you in honor of the “graduates” 🙂

Meet some of the amazing Create Awesome Interviews “Graduates”

(and thanks to EVERYONE who submitted their results from completing the program. We couldn’t fit nearly as many as I wanted into this blog post but trust me I love you too…I promise.)

Name: Shelia Butler
Her Interviews:
What are your thoughts on Create Awesome Interviews?

The course is applicable, inspirational, and worth every penny! David has a great, non-BS approach to his training which makes the implementation of his methods easy. If I needed brain surgery I would hire a great neurosurgeon — when I needed an interview coach…I basically hired David by joining Create Awesome Interviews.

Name: Jeff Hicks
His Interviews:
What are your thoughts on Create Awesome Interviews?

I coulda saved my money, slogged through the process of building an interview show and made a bunch of mistakes in order to learn what David shares in Create Awesome Interviews. I probably would never have got the first interview up.

I am still making mistakes. But I have a frigging INTERVIEW SHOW. I am making better mistakes, learning from them and growing my show, rather than struggling with the basics and wishing I had a show.

Create Awesome Interviews showed me (sing along) This is how we do it… I’ve done it and am getting better every day. Get the program, you can do it too.

Name: Bernardo Mendez
His Interviews:
What are your thoughts on Create Awesome Interviews?

Create Awesome Interviews is one of the best investments I’ve mande online.If you are interested in creating an interview show please know that this program is worth at least four times its price in awesome content. The thing I loved most about it is that David shares very actionable concepts that are not just incredibly easy to implement but plainly speaking produce measurable results. Just four weeks after finishing the course I feel a significant difference in the quality of my show.

If you are even half serious about doing an online show you need to get this now.

Name: Greg Hickman
His Interviews:
What are your thoughts on Create Awesome Interviews?

I think that people see courses out there and say to themselves “oh i know exactly how that works” but in reality they have a tiny bit of a clue. I can’t even begin to explain how much I learned from this course and I was very hesitant buy but hosting a show has never felt more right so I made the investment. It was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself yet.

The course really showed me how to prepare for interviews, leverage guests to get future guests with warm intros all the way down to the scripts which I use every day. The tech review is super helpful and I already have people asking me how I do it.

Create Awesome Interviews was really the only way I would have been able to figure this out and take action in the most educated way possible.

I highly recommend anyone interested in podcasting, video blogging and media creation to take it. Period.

Name: Monica Lee
Her Interviews:
What are your thoughts on Create Awesome Interviews?

I got a great grasp of the “possibilities” that are open to me by having a show positioned correctly in the market place. David does a great job sharing (big mind meld happened) ALL his experiences! He held nothing back!
Not to mention the technical stuff, fabulous! All the insider-“rookie mistake” tips were so right on target, he mentioned everything I was currently struggling with and paved a smooth path ahead for me! Thanks David!!

Name: Mark Evans
His Interviews:
What are your thoughts on Create Awesome Interviews?

My show is only 6 weeks old and I have already interviewed the last 2 Daytona 500 Champions, the 2011 NASCAR Nationwide Series champ, Carl Edwards, current NASCAR Sprint Cup points leader Greg Biffle and NASCAR team owner Jack Roush! Yes, that Roush (the Roush Ford Mustang)! These are all guys who have full-time PR reps that follow them every where they go on a daily basis. Mainstream print, TV and satellite media are all over these guys.

I cannot possibly start to list what I learned. Let’s go with this: how to promote video’s after posted, best way to cold email for an interview request. How to quickly edit and post interviews. Social media work flow to promote new interviews.

Name: Peter Montgomery
His Interviews:
What are your thoughts on Create Awesome Interviews and what is the number 1 thing you have learned?

Only 1. Come on Dave that’s not fair:) Since you forced me to only have 1 I’d say…


This is by far THE BEST and coolest training course I’ve ever bought. Since buying it and applying the lessons in my show I’ve been approached by some big name peeps who want to be interviewed on the show and I’m having personal introductions done by them for me to get their contacts on the show. It totally rocks.

Name: Brandon Yeager
His Interviews: http://www.TheInfoPreneur.TV
What are your thoughts on Create Awesome Interviews?

#1 thing I learned from CAI were the insights about monetizing a show and creating plugs, etc. I think the interviews with other show hosts rocked! Those alone are worth the price of admission. 😉

PS. I just lined up Greg Reid for a vid interview next week. He Co-Authored Three Feet from Gold with Robert Kiyosaki’s business partner Sharon Lechter…Part of the Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill Foundation series. Psyched out of my mind.

Name: Lisa Berkovitz:
Her Interviews:
What are your thoughts on Create Awesome Interviews?

The #1 thing I’ve learned from CAI: Oh my gosh, there are soooo many, but if I had to pick just one that comes really strongly to me now as I think about it is to only interview people you’re truly excited about. Passion is everything, and no matter how “big” the guest, if you don’t feel authentic mojo for them, people will know it and it will be no good for anyone. Same thing with your prep ritual before your interviews and how you get pumped up in the zone. Energy’s infectious, and you gotta manage your own!!

What I would say to people interested in signing up: Get it now!!!! If you’re serious about creating a thriving show you love, learn from the guy who’s already got the results and who can teach you to do it smarter, faster, cheaper (and make it fun in the process!).

Here are two that are “coming soon”:

Name: Jason Stewart
His Interviews:
What are your thoughts on Create Awesome Interviews?

I have been wanting to do an interview show for about 5 years, but never really knew how to go about doing it. Create Awesome Interviews saved me months, and thousands of Rands from knowing what to do right from the start. There are so many small things that you don’t even think of, that have a drastic effect, from how you brand your show, to how you contact guests to how you actually record and publish.
The money I spent on the course pails in comparison to the benefit I received!
I am so grateful to David as he literally gave me a head start and my show has kicked off to a cracking start!!!

(My show launches in a few days time, but I have some very impressive people that I have already interviewed – my highlight being Malcolm Gladwell and a few other very high profile individuals – super excited!! Thanks David!)

Name: Dave Hilton
His Interviews:
What are your thoughts on Create Awesome Interviews?

David pulls no punches with this program. If he hasn’t done it or isn’t doing it right now- he doesn’t waste your time talking about it. He knows what works and bares it all…in a non-creepy way!

And this show is coming soon….

And a few more shows to check out:

Anna Hackman’s Green Talk:
Jeff Wilson’s Get The Phone Ringing:

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So, if you checked this out and are thinking, “I gotta get me some!” I’ve got something cool for you for a limited time.

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Again, check it all out right here.

Fly my ducklings. Fly!


8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

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