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How I Would Market Reactor Watch By Being Smarter, Faster and Cheaper

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by David Garland in David's Blog

Reactor WatchIf you haven’t checked them out, Reactor Watch is a cool company. They make really neat watches that are sporty and fashionable. They are designed for the action-sport athlete. They have a lot of sports celebrity endorsers as well, including Barret Jackman from the St. Louis Blues, and former World Series of Poker Winner Dennis Phillips.

Tony Spielberg from Reactor Watch is a friend of mine and recently reached out via Facebook, ironically, saying he still isn’t exactly sure why or how Reactor should tap further into social media.

Because we kick Tony’s butt regularly at Sunday morning softball (including my game tying two-out, two-run, bottom-of-the-last inning, triple leading to a walk off…not that I remember) and I think it is a great opportunity for all of us entrepreneurs to learn, here are some ideas about how Reactor could build a strong social presence online (and chime in with your ideas as well) and create lasting relationships as opposed to one night stands with their customers (current and future).

1. What is the niche?

What is the niche of customers Reactor is looking to attract? No, not age. I’m talking interests. What are they passionate about? Where do they hang out online?

A little probing looks to reveal that Reactor is going after folks passionate about sports. Specifically, action sports.

NOTE: And, this is the most important aspect. These folks may or may not give a crap about watches, and that is OK. Remember, online marketing is more about an interest or passion as opposed to a product. Meaning, the Founder of Reactor Watch might wake up in the morning after dreaming about watches, but I doubt the target customers do.

This is a classic trap. Reactor’s website, like many others, is essentially all about the product. And that is fine. But, talking about the product over and over again will burn people out.

Yes, there are neat videos that Reactor has done with athletes trying to crush watches…and that is cool. But, here is the thing: I bet action sports fans are more interested in the athlete as opposed to the watch.

2. How can we educate, inspire and/or entertain our niche online and build a community?

So, there are these action sports fans. What are they interested in? Which sports specifically? What kind of content would catch YOUR attention if you are an action sports fan? (NOTE: I didn’t say “watch fan”…can’t hammer that home enough).

Here are some ideas (and note that these could be done in text form, audio, video, whatever…I’m just partial to video because I love the authentic connection it creates):

Reactor TV: Each week someone from Reactor interviews a different action sports star via Skype or in person. They tell their story and perhaps tips on their particular sport.

This might even turn into a “live online event” where action sports fans can come in and ask their own questions of the athletes.

Or maybe the show is a run down of the “this week’s news in action sports” and DJ’s the best action sports news throughout the web.

Or perhaps it is a weekly (or more frequent) top 10 list of tips in a particular sport.

Or even a collection of funny wipeouts and other videos.

Whatever it may be, as long as the content is interesting and replicable (meaning you there is enough there to continue to pump it out. Nothing is worse than choosing something that runs out of content after a week or a month or whatever. Think late night talk shows. They work because they are replicable.)

Over time, Reactor Watch builds influence as the trusted resource when it comes to action sports. Oh, and by the way, they have some amazing watches for you to purchase.

3. How do we spread the word about our deliciously awesome content?

What’s the point of great content if you can’t direct people to it, and enable and encourage them to spread it like wildfire?

In fact, I’d recommend spending 20% of the time creating the content and the other 80% marketing and promoting the heck out of it, working on one-on-one relationships and more.

First, I’d create a new website. An interactive, social blog. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just useful with a personality-filled design. I’d recommend WordPress and perhaps buying a theme and hiring a designer to make it your own. This should cost less than $5,000.

This new website is the platform and hub for all the media and community you are creating. And also allow easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter and all other sites. Free your content. Allow it to spread easily. Plus, make it easy to subscribe (RSS, email, whatever else). Subscribers are platinum. Very valuable.

Then, I would stick my flagpole firmly in relevant social media sites and communities for the niche.

This will probably include:

  1. Twitter where you can share your content, share other people’s content in your niche and interact one-on-one in real time with action sports lovers.
  2. Facebook Fan Page centered around the show/content…not the watch. Example: or whatever you name the actual blog/media site.
  3. Niche online sites catering to action sports. Are there other communities out there you can participate it? Blogs? Forums? Not by being spammy but jumping in and being insightful?

Finally, I would start building blogger relations. Go to, etc. Identify all the bloggers that have ANYTHING to do with action sports (big and small…they all matter).

Get to know these folks. Share their content. HELP THEM. Reach out and introduce yourself (they probably won’t bite). Perhaps down the line there will be opportunities for guest posts, etc. But this is about building relationships early on.

4. How does this generate business?

Will everyone that consumes your content buy a watch over time? Absolutely not. Will some or many? Absolutely.

Remember, this smarter, faster, cheaper strategy is about building long-term relationships as opposed to going after the “quick sale.”

How do we convert, over time, viewers into buyers?

  1. Sponsor your own content. Yup, that’s right. Sponsor your own show or blog. Remind people it is being presented by Reactor Watch, with a link to the product website.
  2. Tasteful nudges. The more content you produce that is entertaining, educating and inspiring, the less push back you will get when you DO mention the product. This doesn’t mean to overdo it and create a spam fest. But, yes, if you are running some kind of special or a new model comes out, mention it!
  3. Display. On the media website, make sure to have links and displays tastefully pointing people to the product website.

Yes, people will check out the products as you continue to build relationships with them. And yes, if people know, like and trust Reactor Watch, they will buy.

Wrapping It Up

What you’ve done here is create a long-term strategy. It isn’t about running campaigns. It is about creating community. Like Novocain, it works over time.

If it sounds fairly simple and straightforward, it is because it is (I know shockingly insane). Does it take time, effort and creativity, as well as a lot of patience for it to “work”? Absolutely. But it certainly doesn’t take a lot of money.

And I bet you can replace Reactor Watch with “Your Company”, and “action sports lovers” with “your niche”, and have some ideas of your own.

Your take?

PS: Tony, I’ll send the consulting bill in the mail. Just kidding.

PPS: If you ever want me to give a presentation/workshop for your company based around these smarter, faster, cheaper ideas, reach out to me here.

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

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