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7 Lessons Learned From Spending $2,500 on Facebook Ads


For the recent Create Awesome Online Courses product launch, our CEO and Founder, David Siteman Garland, decided to take the plunge and buy Facebook ads. Oh, yes, a scary plunge indeed my friends!

A few years ago, he sort of turned his nose up a little bit at buying ads.

He thought media buying was something big companies did. Not mediapreneurs.

But, he kept hearing from friends such as Amy Porterfield, Chad Hamzeh, Derek Halpern, Melanie & Devin Duncan, etc… “David, don’t be a dumb-dumb you need to learn how to buy ads!”

He kept delaying. He was worried it was going to be complicated. He was worried he would waste money. All kinds of excuses.

But then….something sort of clicked when he realized what ads (or as the cool kids say “media buying”) could do for his biz.

The thing about online media buying is once you get it down, it offers you one of the most ideal situations you can have.

At the end of the day, he took the plunge into Facebook ads and here are some of the lessons learned/results:

1. Facebook Ads freaking rock.

He spent about $2,500 on Facebook ads during the CAOC launch. And here is what happened:

  • Added 300+ people a day into his list and funnels
  • Was his #1 media buying strategy for a recent launch that did over $200,000 in sales plus over $50,000 in sales since the launch
  • Led to over $50,000 (and growing!) in sales of OTHER PRODUCTS

That is nutty-nut-good.

2. Scale. Scale. Scale.

Let’s say you are guest posting as one of your traffic strategies. Sweet! But, that is hard to scale, after all, how many posts can you write?

With Facebook ads, you want to buy more? Then…you buy more. Simple.


It was Ryan Lee who said, “money loves speed.”

If that’s true, than Facebook ads is like a Ferrari.

In simple terms: You buy ad. Ad goes up. That’s it. Not too much waiting at all. Want to change something? Great. Couple clicks and boom.

4. Doesn’t require “You”

After you set it up, you can be traveling to Capri, hanging out with the family in the park or watching paint dry. Your ads continue to run.


5. You absolutely don’t need a big budget

David spent about $2,500. We’ve helped students who have had success with as little as $100 a week.

Sure, a big budget can blow it out of the water, but you can get started for very little.

6. Data is sexy

Super sexy. Facebook makes it REALLY EASY for you to see the key metrics. Stuff like conversion %. As a creative person, stuff like conversion % probably doesn’t get you going in the morning, but basically you can quickly know if your ads are working or not.

7. Yes, there is a learning curve…and people to help you!

Listen, we’ve always, as stupid as it sounds, been a little ‘afraid’ of ads. Didn’t want to waste money. Had no clue how to figure it out.

THERE ARE PEOPLE TO HELP YOU!  Tamiko Kelly, expert at all things Facebook, is our master helper. She showed us what to do step-by-freakin-step.

Bottom line. If you need a wake up call as to what Facebook ads can do you, here you go. There is no better time to get started than now.

Below in the comments let us know. Would love to hear more about your media buying experience. Have you tried Facebook ads? Other types of ads?

Also….super important:

The Next Step: If you want Tamiko (and I) to help you with your Facebook ads using the SAME strategy that I used (which Tamiko taught me), make sure to nab our awesome workshop Facebook Ads NOW. It’s a couple hours that will change the way you look at running Facebook Ads.  It shows you HOW and WHY and holds your hand through every step of the way.  Check it out!

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  1. John Shea says:

    Good stuff David, I have heard of a lot of people having success with Facebook ads. I’ve done some small testing myself but have tried to do as much as possible without spending too much money on advertising.

    As you mentioned I know every time Derek Halpern is about to launch one of his webinars I see his ads on Facebook showing up a ton. He links them directly to a nice landing page encouraging people to opt-in and participate on the up and coming webinar. Good to hear it’s working for you!

    1. Exactly…Derek has the strategy down for sure. The key is sending to something free.

  2. Tim Frie says:

    David, I think FB Ads are now what the TV commercial used to be in the 90’s. They’re smack in front of our face and there’s no way to fast forward through them.

    Are you and Amy going to go talk about selecting demographics + what PPC/PPI rate worked best for you in the workshop?

  3. Leonardo Wood says:

    Nice one David, you have a lot more people on your list to promote to in the future now, which is fantastic, but how much of the $300,000 revenue came directly from people brought in from the $2500 Facebook Ads?

    1. At least 6 figures somewhere around there

      1. Leonardo Wood says:

        Impressive work David, Congrats on that!

  4. carsten says:

    Seriously considering learning Paid Traffic from Chad Hamzehs “Traffic Blackbook 2.0” for my first and upcoming products!

  5. Andrea Cairella says:

    I am very excited about Thursday’s training. I have been following Marie Forleo and James Wedmore’s training and am in the finishing stages of product creation. I have played around with promote a post and basic ad campaign for likes, but am curious to see how I can knock it out of the park with the facebook ad powerhouse training with you and Amy. I can’t wait!

    1. Very cool, Andrea. Funny, I did that too (I played a bit around with promoted posts and stuff) until I learned the strategy we will be teaching. Going to help crush it for ya!

  6. Christopher Stafford says:

    Great info D! Can’t wait for Thursday!

  7. I’m stoked! I signed up for this workshop. I am currently in CAOC and just soaking everything up. We just launched a $47/$59 product at the end of July and generated $85,000+ in 12 days. We used no paid advertising, joint ventures or affiliate promotions. We’re just two moms using heart and hustle to really engage and grow our social media following and email list by providing value. I’m curious to explore Facebook ads and see what it can do for us on round 2 of our launch. Thanks for being awesome. I love you and Amy’s work.

    1. LOVE IT Jadah. That is awesome. This is going to help blow your next launch out of the water!

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