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A $131,463 Incredible Success Story: How Jon Acampora Turned Teaching Excel Into A 6-Figure Business

by David Garland in David's Blog

Enjoy this uncensored, uncut interview with Jon Acampora below who turned teaching excel into a 6-figure online courses business…while working a day job! 


Links Mentioned:

Jon’s website: Excel Campus

Create Awesome Online Courses


Jon Acampora

What’s the name of your course?
The VBA Pro Course

How much is your course? $$$

Who is your ideal customer?
Someone that uses Excel frequently at their job and wants to learn how to automate Excel to save time with their job, impress their boss, and advance in their career.

How much revenue did you bring in last year via online courses? Feel free to break it down by launch/evergreen if you are advanced and did multiple launches 😉 (don’t worry I won’t share this information unless I reach out and you give me permission) *

$131,463 in total revenue. I did multiple launches with jv partners, but don’t have the specifics right now.

The Infamous Email:


To date (including 2015) and all previous years…how much revenue have you brought in via online courses after purchasing CAOC? *

$131,463. I launched my first course in July 2015 after going through CAOC.

How long did it take you to launch your course? (after you purchased CAOC from start to finish)

3 months. I recorded the course in May, edited the videos and built the course in June, and launched in July.

What was the biggest problem CAOC solved for you?

Overall it was motivation. You are very inspiring and definitely got me motivated to get busy and produce the course. I still have a full time day job so it wasn’t always easy to find the time.

The launch sequence and email scripts were also very helpful. I had done a few launches before for some apps I developed, and basically used Jeff Walker’s formula. It was great to be able to see your launch strategy and how you applied it to selling an online course.

What was your biggest roadblock in creating your course? How did you battle through it?

Avoiding mid-module coughs (aka perfection). I remember you had a “mid-module cough” in one of your videos, and you just kept it in there. I thought it was great because it showed your personality, and you also didn’t waste time trying to make the video perfect.

I could have spent a year trying to get my course videos perfect, and probably still wouldn’t have launched. Instead, I gave myself a month to record and didn’t worry about small mistakes. It has actually made my videos a lot better. There is more character and my customers enjoy them.

I also really appreciated your advice on finishing the course before launching it. I can now see how I would have been a complete stress case if I had tried to launch and still had content to create. There is no way I would have had time for it all.

I also suffer from the opposite type of “technology curse” than you, but it can be even more limiting. I remember you saying that you have difficulty with technology in telling a story about connecting to wi-fi…

I have the opposite problem. I am good with some aspects of technology (I code and develop applications), but this often leads to a lot of wasted time trying to figure out word press plugins, themes, opt-in software, shopping carts, etc. I have learned that I need to outsource that time sucking work and focus on creating content. Just cause you know how to change the oil, doesn’t mean you should spend the entire weekend doing it…

What was your list size when you launched your course? What is it now? (and if you want …share how you built your list!)

6,008 when I launched in July. It is currently at 18,344. I build the list through opt-ins on my blog and youtube channel.

What are your plans now with your online course? (Next steps for 2016)

2016 is going to be the year of webinars and evergreen launches. I am currently working on upgrading my email and opt-in systems to better handle automation. I registered for CAW and will be looking to do webinars next year.

I also just finished my second course and will be looking to promote that in 2016. I will be creating at least one more course as well.

I would also like to experiment with Facebook ads.

Anything else you want David and the Create Awesome Online Courses to team to know? Feel free to share!

I just want to say THANK YOU for all the inspiration. You helped give me confidence to sell my course at a higher price than most courses in my niche, and I was able to do it. The success of this course has changed how I view my business, and definitely pushed me to keep going.

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