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Introducing Sponsor-A-Guest

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Introducing Sponsor-A-GuestUPDATE: All sponsorships have been nabbed through end of June 2011. To get on the waiting list and to be notified of future opportunities, simply sign up for the Sponsor-A-Guest Email List.

You ask. I deliver.

I’ve been flooded with requests for me to include an additional type of sponsorship for The Rise To The Top. Instead of “traditional” sponsorship packages (monthly, etc.), there has been a BIG TIME interest in the option to be an exclusive sponsor for an individual guest on the show.

In looking back at past RISE episodes, I’ve noticed a pattern with previous sponsors: they most enjoyed sponsoring when they were associated with a really cool guest that somehow tied in with their business. For example, perhaps the sponsor and guest worked in similar industries or the guest attracted the same type of following the sponsor is looking to engage with. For example, here is what Rachel Rodgers, founder of Rachel Rodgers Law, sent me:

“BTW- Because my previous sponsorship happened to be on the episode where you interviewed Pam Slim, I wound up connecting with Pam on Twitter and attending her Lift Off retreat. We’ve formed a friendship and I’ll be hanging out with her and others from Lift Off at SXSW. And it all started with a commercial on your show!”

Based on the feedback from Rachel and from many other sponsors, I decided to create this opportunity….

Without further ado: I’m super excited to announce the launch of Sponsor-A-Guest.

For the first time, we are allowing you to pick-and-choose individual guests to sponsor on The Rise To The Top.

For the first time, you will be able to strategically select the “right guests” for you to sponsor – those that align with your business and who you want to associate with.

How It Works:

For $1,500 per guest (episode), I’m offering the following deal:

(BTW, this one heck of a freakin’ deal. It is normally $2,500 but I must be going nuts because of my upcoming wedding…love is in the air…and also this is the beta of the Sponsor-A-Guest program):

-You are the exclusive sponsor of the episode. As they say, it’s “All you!” (not sure who said that…anonymous?)

-You can promote whatever you like as part of your sponsorship. Your website. A product. Just nothing illegal or obscene. As part of that plug, YOU decide where you want to send people.

-I will give the sponsor “shout out” BOTH before and after the episode, giving you maximum exposure and buzz.

-I will include your plug, logo and link in the show notes (a great benefit for your SEO and overall rankings).

-You benefit from continued visibility on, since the plug and show stays up forever on the website. This is a significant benefit, since previous RISE episodes are watched on a consistent and daily basis. For example, most of last year’s interviews get thousands of views a month still one year later! In other words, being a RISE sponsor is much more of a long-term relationship than a one-night stand.

-You receive additional buzz by being associated with RISE, since the plug for you goes everywhere the show goes. This includes of course (also mobile and iPad friendly) as well as RSS, email subscribers, iTunes (audio and video), Twitter, Facebook and even traditional televisions (!!!) via our channel on Roku Player and Connected TV. To date we have over 88,000 subscribers and average over 120,000 views/listens/downloads per month.

And, for those of you who are interested in sponsoring multiple guests, there’s a price break! You can sponsor 4 guests for $5000 (a savings of $1000 off the per-episode price).

How You Can Get the Scoop on Upcoming Guests

With this new Sponsor-A-Guest model, remember that, each guest will only have ONE sponsor. That means that sponsorships are first come, first served. Keep reading to find out how to snag a sponsor spot for a particular guest…

So that you always have the latest scoop on upcoming guests, I’ve set up an email list that you can sign up for right here (simply sign up, you will receive a confirmation email, confirm it and you are good to go).

Periodically, I will shoot you an email with upcoming guests, details and specials. See someone that resonates with you? Simply reply and nab the exclusive (before someone else does!). And of course you can send it to a friend if you see a particular guest that their company would be perfect to sponsor, given their industry, client focus or interests.

Which Guests Can I Sponsor RIGHT NOW?

Sponsor-A-Guest is starting with a HUGE bang (boom goes the dynamite).

Here is who is available at the moment (at the time I’m posting this entry, but not for long!):

*SOLD SUPER FAST*Tuesday, March 1st: Lisa Gansky – The author of The Mesh is joining me to discuss what a “Mesh” company is and how it applies to entrepreneurs and digital publishers. *SOLD SUPER FAST*

*SOLD SUPER FAST*March 3rd-March 15th: Some remixes and reruns of past interviews during “Honeymoon Break” (The Rise To The Top is getting hitched!) *SOLD SUPER FAST*

*SOLD SUPER FAST* Thursday, March 17th: Seth Godin – This will be Seth’s second interview on The Rise To The Top and we will be discussing publishing, his new book and publishing company (The Domino Project) and much more. *SOLD SUPER FAST*

*SOLD SUPER FAST*Tuesday, March 22nd: Carol Roth – Looking forward to discussing her new book, The Entrepreneur Equation. Carol is an amazing personality with an incredible entrepreneurial background and has raised over $1 billion in capital (yes, with a “b”). She’s a regular on MSNBC and has a reality TV show in the works. And she has her own doll. Seriously.*SOLD SUPER FAST*

*SOLD SUPER FAST*Thursday, March 24th: Matthew Inman – The founder of one of my FAVORITE sites, The Oatmeal, will be coming on. I can’t wait to talk to him about becoming a professional web comic. And if you haven’t heard of The Oatmeal, I apologize in advance as once you check it out you will spend the rest of the day on there.*SOLD SUPER FAST*

*SOLD SUPER FAST*Tuesday, March 29th: Gary Vaynerchuk – This will also be Gary’s second interview on the show. We will be chatting about his new book, The Thank You Economy, and I’m sure an array of subjects involving tech and entrepreneurship.*SOLD SUPER FAST*

*SOLD SUPER FAST*Thursday, March 31st: Guy Kawasaki – Guy will be joining me to discuss his new book, Enchantment…and I have a feeling we will also be talking hockey.*SOLD SUPER FAST*

Want to nab one of them? Shoot an email right here.

Here’s What to Do Next:

1) Sign up for the email list to be the first to find out about upcoming guests to sponsor.

2) Inquire and nab the exclusive sponsorship of one of the guests listed here.

3) Tell a friend who might be interested and appreciative of finding out about this (on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, pony express, email, any way!)

Looking forward to bringing you more rocking opportunities and incredible guests and conversations.


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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!