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So, since I put my fitness transformation out the world I’ve been getting a LOT (huge understatement) of questions (literally getting close to a thousand) ranging from the funny “Did you photoshop the fitness photo?” to the more practical such as “What the heck did you eat?” or “Can you share some fitness/tips/insights, etc.?”\

(NOTE: Before anyone freaks out, business content isn’t going anywhere. RISE Fitness is on top of…not replacing what you are used to on the site which is interviews, tips and more designed for mediapreneurs/bloggers/Internet Marketers. Cool?)

Beyond the ego boost of so many nice comments (and thanks for all the kind words, you have me so pumped up that sometimes I just high-five random people walking down the street), my favorite comments were from folks who were inspired to make a change (either big, small or both) when it comes to health and fitness in their lives.

Some of you said you want to start eating better. Maybe lose a few (or more than a few pounds). Many of you jumped onto the program that I used Jet Set Body (affiliate). One former guest said after he read my story and saw the photos, he hired a personal trainer right away.

Tips, Tricks, Motivation, Recipes, Interviews All Centered Around A Healthy Lifestyle

First of all, I’m overwhelmed…in a good way. I never expected such a big time response to my journey and story…especially inspiring so many of you. It is humbling and exciting.

I’m MORE THAN PUMPED by the incredible community we have here and I want to help and share the passion for health and fitness that I’ve developed.

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m by no-means a “fitness” “nutrition” or “health” expert but I have been in the trenches soaking up information, testing it, and hitting my goal of getting into fitness-model shape in 90 days. Along the way I’ve met all kinds of interesting people as well who help mortals like us achieve our fitness and health goals. And you know my motto is fun and this will be no different…yes fitness/health/nutrition can be and should be fun.

Fitness has always been a passion/interest of mine and I wanted to bring more of it to The Rise To The Top in the past (in fact, even thought about it way before The Rise To The Top), but I guess it is one of those timing things. I wanted to be feeling awesome before I started creating fitness content. And the time is now.

I want to share what I’ve learned/am learning/experienced to help you (and make it freakin’ fun). Never before has there been such a tremendous amount of feedback/questions/excitement for ANYTHING on The Rise To The Top since the beginning in 2008.

It just feels right.

And before the question is asked, for now, business and fitness are going to co-exist on Perhaps a slightly awkward marriage for the time being, but it will work itself out. I remember Gary Vaynerchuk once revealed his wished he would have kept all his passions on one website (wine and business) as opposed to two separate sites and instead simply used tabs to separate to topics at the top of the site. I’m thinking of doing the same. For awhile, everything will be mixed on the site, but eventually I hope to sort of “tab it out” so you can find business easily and fitness/health easily. Sound good to you?

A Few Questions For You:

What would YOU like to see? Tips, tricks, videos, recipes, interviews, articles?

What are your major questions you want answered?

How can I motivate you?

And of course if you haven’t already, you can subscribe to updates right here to stay posted on the new content as it rolls out.


Excited to help you look awesome and feel awesome.


image credit: Daily Mail

8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!