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Increase Your Sales By Paying Attention To Prospect’s Voicemail

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Increase Your Sales By Paying Attention To Prospect’s Voicemail

A few weeks ago I had the fantastic opportunity to join a group of entrepreneurs at Jim Ryerson’s Sales Octane event. I was voicemail-8expecting one of the those run-of-the-mill-this-is- how-you-increase-your-sales, blah blah blah…but instead I was absolutely blown away by some of the ideas and tips and I think it could be extremely helpful your business as it definitely has been for mine.

In one of my previous entrepreneur tips, I talked about juicing up your voicemail. Making it exciting and reflecting you; however, Jim Ryerson mentioned that you learn a LOT about a person from THEIR voicemail and for those making sales (like almost every entrepreneur), this is vital information.

In fact, getting the person’s voicemail the first time you call him or her is a powerful research tool and you can learn quite a lot about the psychology of the person and adjust your sales strategy accordingly.

For Example:

1. Emotion: Is this person overly excited? Are they calm, cool, collected? Call my cell phone guess which one you will get (insert smily face here). Overly excited people tend to of course make more impulse decisions. Calm, cool and collected tend to really analyze.

2. Speed: Do they talk really fast? Really slow and steady? If they talk fast, they probably make decisions fast; slow talkers could cause much more work in your sales cycle and lots of additional information will be needed.

3. Creativity. Are they reading off a script forced by their office? Do they have an inspirational quote? If you have an outside-the-box or very innovative product and the person lacks imagination on their voicemail, you may have to change you sales presentation to more practical.

Bonus Tip: If they have a really generic office message, they may not be the proper decision maker that you need to get to.Most of the time (not always) decision makers have pretty much whatever they want on the voicemail.
Imagine these incredible research tools are RIGHT at your fingertips just by NOT reaching your potential client. I know I surely use this information to my advantage and I hope you do to.

And speaking of voicemail, here are some of my favorites:

On the cell phone: Generic, boring, half-dead not the person you are trying to reach’s voice: “You have reached 555-2324 the wireless called you have reached is not available. Please leave a message.”

What that sounds like to me: “I have yet to figure out how to program my phone. Please punch me.”

At the office: The classic seemingly five-minute corporate voicemails:

“You have reached the desk of Mr. Super Important. I’m in the office today but away from my desk right now. For immediate assistance please contact my assistant or dial “1” for the operator. I will be checking voicemail periodically throughout the day and will get back to you shortly.”

What that sounds like to me: “I’m important. You are not important. I will tell you about my whereabouts to confirm I’m not skipping work today. I have assistants. You probably don’t. I will check this voicemail you are leaving me…and delete it.

In all fairness, some people at corporations HAVE to have those type of voicemails..but I’m poking fun anyway.

What is your voicemail sound like and what does it say about you? What does your prospect’s voicemail sound like and what does it say about them?

Let me know your thoughts below. Do you have a favorite/least favorite voicemail greeting you have heard?

Live Passionately! – David Siteman Garland – The Creative Opportunities Specialist and Entrepreneurial Chameleon – www.therisetothetop.com

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