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Gen Y-ify Your Website: How To Make Your Website More Gen Y Friendly

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by David Garland in David's Blog

Gen Y-ify Your Website: How To Make Your Website More Gen Y Friendly
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A little over a week ago I was down in Florida speaking at the National Speakers Association’s Winter Conference (fun video coming soon!) about challenges in working with Gen Y and how to capture the 
attention of millenials (note: awkwardly happy Gen Y'ers to the left). One of the common questions was how can to make YOUR website more Gen Y friendly and that my friends, is a fantastic and extremely important question if you are marketing ANYTHING to anyone 21-35.

First off, for you generational nit-pickers out there, Gen Y really doesn’t have a proper definition. There are many definitions of what Gen Y “is” ranging from those born in 1976 to those born all the way in 2003 (!). Some say 1982-2001, others say 1975-1995. Bottom line is the definition, in my opinion, is less based on years but more based on mentality (I’ve met people who are born in 1984 who are far less stereotypical Gen Y than some people born in 1965…it is a mindset more than an age).

Yes, those insolent little brats who think they are entitled to everything (Yes, I’m a Gen Y’er). Members of Gen Y are moving up quick in the work place and are more entrepreneurial than previous generations which is leading to more spending power and influence. It is not a coincidence that Gen Y is referred to by advertisers as the “sweet spot” because of opportunities for long-term brand loyalty and the high-purchasing power of these tech-friendly information over-loaders.

I’ve said this before, but here is my Gen Y mantra: We are a text-messaging, multi-tasking, advertising-wary, Attention Deficit Disorder-loving, trendsetting, blog-reading, information-addicted, social-media experts, tech-embracing, fast-moving, highly-ambitious, quick-talking, well-educated, IPOD-listening kind of crowd (ummm and we also disrespect authority, may have a work ethic problem, and have the rosy confidence of expecting to go from mail room to board room in one day). Gen Y has a lot to give and a lot to learn.

Millenials want to live more passionately, be happy,  kill the the 9-5 PM job and really “want it all” from money to entertainment to charity. Of course 21-35 year olds don’t know it all (I know SHOCKING) and can use the  help from those that have already walked the walked (Yes, my little Gen Y friends, there is MUCH to learn from past generations!)

So, with that being said, I will get off my definition-soapbox-of-fun and here are some great ways to make your website more Gen Y friendly:

1. Love The Comments:
Do you allow comments on your website? Or product reviews about your product? Or review of your service? Gen Y is all about participation and the more ways you give us to participate the better (extra points for uncensored participation meaning allowing good AND bad comments).

2. Spread Your Wings: Don’t be a hog and only offer your content on your website. To really connect and reach Gen Y, make sure to reach us WHERE we hang out online: Facebook, Twitter, and whatever-the-hot-web-tool-of-the-day is. Do you have a link to your social media sites on your website?

3. About You Page:
Credit where credit is due on this one as this comes from Internet Marketing Guru Adam Kreitman who offers tips and tricks on The Rise To The Top each week. Gen Y wants to know what is in it for them! Why not have a page on your site that beefs up their ego a little bit and defines your customer. Here is a great example from Adam. Brilliant!

4. Your Email. Your REAL Email! Who would you rather contact: A person or a business? Leave your REAL email on your website and millenials will see you as keeping it real (my first super cliche of the article! Hooray!) Example of how to list your email so it won’t be added to useless and annoying spam: David AT or David  @  DSG Agency . com

5. Be Versatile. Text, photos, video, RSS feeds, audio, etc. Gen Y’ers love their information in a variety of mediums. The more you offer, the better the chance you will hook us.

6. Keep It Short. Bite sized information that is easy-to-read, watch, or listen to will resonate best with the information-overloading ADD Gen Y’ers.

7. Be A Human. Admit to mistakes and don’t be afraid to fess up. Don’t put on the slick snakeoil salesman hat. It won’t work. Our BS meters are super high. Hah!

Gen Y is not shy. If they love you and your product/service/company/brand, it can be your GREATEST asset as we will spread it around all over the place like wildfire and you can’t pay for that type of word of mouth marketing. On the other hand, the opposite is true as well. If you are an asshole, that will spread as well!

Live Passionately! – David Siteman Garland – The Creative Opportunities Specialist and Entrepreneurial Chameleon –

PS: Looking for a great speaker or a live The Rise To The Top at your next event, conference, or lord-knows-what? We have something extremely unique, fun, and educational. Make sure to contact me: David AT for more information.

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

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