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Three Gadgets For The Entrepreneur On-The-Go

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by David Garland in David's Blog

(Note this is a segment from Great Day St. Louis on KMOV Channel 4. I contribute there monthly as their tech expert)

Gadgets rock. Unless, of course they don’t. Gadgets that don’t rock always have a few things in common: Complicated, confusing and buggy. Gadgets that DO rock, on the other hand, are often simple, intuitive and heck..functional.

For the entrepreneur on-the-go (and lets be honest…who isn’t on the go?) I’ve noticed the best tech has a few common features:

Super easy to use. Anyone can use it without a degree in physics.

Portable. Unless you want to take a desktop computer and jam it into your bag. Awkward.

Functional. We are doing business, right?

Here are three you might want to add to your collection:

1. The iPad. No, the iPad doesn’t solve world hunger or print money…but it is just so damn cool and easy to use. Besides the WOW factor and conversation starter, there really are some amazing functions. You can use it as you please, but so far I’ve enjoyed it as a multi-media device. An interactive entertainment center. For example, you can keep up to date with the latest happenings with some great apps including Newsy and Skygrid (Robert Scoble’s favorite). You can save stuff to check out later when you are less busy with Instapaper. And that is just the tip of the appsburg (how about that word? stop laughing).

Plus, the single tasking is great. It avoids shiny red ball syndrome and having 20 windows open at the same time. You HAVE to stay on task because you can only open one thing a time. In terms of a productivity tool for staying on point…I couldn’t ask for more.

You can read, watch, share, comment….all things that hustling entrepreneurs love to do.  And you never looked prettier doing it.

2. Sprint Overdrive. (insert count voice here). How many devices do you have that connect to the Internet? 1? 2? 934949458? The Sprint Overdrive takes care of that problem by allowing you to have a portable WIFI network in your pocket. You just bust it out, turn it on and as long as there is cell phone are on the Internet wirelessly. PLUS, you aren’t tied to one device. You can connect up to five devices at the same time.

Cost: $59.95/mo at

3. Kodak zi8. Simply stated: This is an incredible pocket camera. The best shooting mode is 720p (amazingly great quality) and what separates it from the Flip Camera is the audio jack. Video with bad sound is never in style. And it has all the portability you would expect from a pocket camera including the ability to plug right into your computer via USB. I’ve noticed that you can capture amazing things just by being ready to shoot. For example, when I was stuck in the Nashville Flood on a bridge, I got out my zi8, jumped out of the car, took some footage, used my Sprint Overdrive to connect online to my laptop and uploaded it instantly (here is the footage).

Cost: Around $180 at (affiliate link).

What has been your experience with any of the above? What are some of your favorite gadgets for on-the-go?

Hearts, prayers, and condolences to RISE partner Johnny Londoff. Johnny’s father, John Sr., passed away yesterday at the age of 85. He leaves an incredible legacy based around family first and incredible philanthropy. He will be missed.

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!