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Free Email Marketing Hosting FOR LIFE Winner Announced

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Riveting News

This past month we held a contest along with Feedblitz to give away free email marketing hosting FOR LIFE (Here is Phil Hollows the founder talking with me about email marketing tips/The Feedblitz Story).

Meaning a free lifetime account with Feedblitz for your newsletter, e-zine, whatever-you-send-via-email-as-opposed-to-pony-express regardless of how many people are on your list now and into the future (ummm and you aren’t going to SPAM people, right?)

Quick note: I used to use Feedblitz for RISE where our subscribers (hopefully like you…hint) can receive our shows when, where and how they want it. You can sign up for all the shows delivered to your inbox via AWeber now.


As you can imagine, with this contest came a HUGE response. Amazing entries. Thank you everyone for participating.

And our winner is….

…drum roll please….

Adam Geller with TeachFor.us

(and what a clever name that is)

Here is Adam’s entry:

TeachFor.Us is the independent blog community about the Teach For America experience with more than 700 bloggers running on our platform. We have struggled in the past with leveraging a continued relationship with our tens of thousands of visitors. Being able to extend our reach into visitors’ inboxes with daily digests and post previews will enable us to further our mission of informing the public about the true challenges when closing the education achievement gap in the United States all the while driving those visitors back onto the site to finish reading the teachers’ stories.

Congrats, Adam! Phil will be in contact with you.

And of course YOU can try out Feedblitz as well (yes, you!)

Because Feedblitz is a partner of ours,  you can sign up for Feedblitz and enter the promo code “RISE” for 10% off or try it out for 60 days free on us.

Look for another contest coming soon….

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