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Find Your Passion Niche: Money Follows Passion And NOT The Other Way Around

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by David Garland in David's Blog

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Find Your Passion Niche: Money Follows Passion And NOT The Other Way Around

If you aren’t passionate about your business, you are screwed. No sugarcoating or group hug on this one.
This is core belief and something I’ve witnessed rings true in my interviews and meetings with the most successful entrepreneurs. 

Money follows passion and not the other way around

Think about that for a second. Money follows passion but not the other way around.

Lets say you are an accountant. Trust me nothing wrong with being an accountant. Shout out to my accountant Earl! But lets say you really don’t like numbers but are making a great salary. Chances are you love the money but you hate your work!

You can’t learn to love something you don’t like. Sure you can buy nice stuff because you make a great salary so you maybe like the lifestyle.

But what if you had both? A business you love that also brings in the big bucks? And you are pumped about getting out of bed every day.

If you are passionate, the money will follow. You will put in the extra hours, the sweat equity, get things done, and most importantly be happy.

f you just care about the money and make a nice salary but are not loving your work, you are going to do the bare minimum. It’s fact.

Passion makes you go above and beyond.

Life is too short to be miserable every day doing something you dislike or even hate. Too many people are stuck in this category.

I rarely do this, but I’m going to tell a personal story. Stop groaning. When I was in college I thought I was going to become a lawyer. Seemed like a good idea, would look impressive on my life resume and lots of money, right? Plus I knew a ton of cool lawyers. But the thing is, I was NOT passionate about it and didn’t realize it.

Sometimes it takes someone else to straighten you out and that is what Jeff Michelman, attorney and a guest on the show did for me in a conversation I’ll never forget.

He said to me clearly realizing I could go down the wrong expensive path: “Unless you LOVE the law, don’t become a lawyer.”

Uh Oh, I realized he was right and my path got redirected. I was caught up in the “idea” of being a lawyer, saying I was a lawyer, etc. instead of going after what I really wanted.

This is just an example as I know numerous passionate lawyers, but bottom line is you have to go into a field you love instead of what looks good on paper. And if you don’t think there is a market for your super-specific business, create your own market (more about that in an upcoming post)

Three Questions To Ask Yourself:

1. If you weren’t making any money doing what you do now, would you continue to do it?

You know you have hit passion right on the head if you answer, “Yes!” to that question

2. Are you excited every day to get out of bed and work?

If you answer, “no” you may be putting profits before passion. You don’t want to be that angry 70 year old man or woman who feels they never took a risk and did something they love.

3. If your work is not done after “the” 9-5 or on a weekend, do you do it?
If you answer, “Yes” you are going above and beyond and may be in your passion niche.

Now realize, of course you will do many, many unglamorous things for your business but this is all part of the passion puzzle. I’ve done everything from clean toilets to buying paperclips at 3 AM and this wasn’t because I enjoyed those activities, instead it is a product of being so passionate about your business that you will do whatever it takes to be successful.

So, what are you passionate about? I’d love to hear it.

Live Passionately! – David Siteman Garland – The Creative Opportunities Specialist and Entrepreneurial Chameleon –

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