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Entrepreneurs ARE The Future Of Marketing

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by David Garland in David's Blog

It used to be you could get away with marketing a piece of crap.

Literally crap.

If you had enough money and bought enough ads, you could convince enough consumers that they needed and wanted your crappy product.

Now with this big social digital shift, the continued rise of social media, and one-way conversations becoming two-way, the crap no longer sells.

Never before has EVERY customer been the most important one. Every customer has a large voice and doesn’t need permission from a traditional media source, a letter to the editor or a customer service hotline to voice it(both good or bad). Blogs, social media, online content are all examples of word of mouth super-sized.

Love a product? Blog about it. Hate a product? Blog about it.

Replace “blog” above with “Tweet”, or “Create A Video” and you have a few of the many examples of the importance of consumer voice and participation in the social digital age.

Word of mouth has always been around. Now it is amplified. Great stuff travels fast. Bad stuff travels faster (just ask Dominoes).

Your angry or happy customer may have 10 followers or readers or 10,000 or 1,000,000. Either way they have a voice in this new era of marketing. A seat at the table. Nobody is just a number. Everybody matters.

The remarkable, the useful, the companies with incredible products and customer service, those that create interesting content and those that truly care and do business the right way are going to win the game. Transparency and authenticity aren’t buzz words,they are a view into the boardroom of every company.

Bad marketing and business will continue to be exposed. Good marketing and business are going to continue to rise.

If you are a big brand, this may sound revolutionary or a bit scary. If you are an entrepreneur, you are probably saying “Duhhhhhhhhhhh!”

This is because marketing like an entrepreneur IS the future of marketing.

Entrepreneurs hustle.
Entrepreneurs care.
Entrepreneurs innovate.
Entrepreneurs have to market smarter, faster, cheaper and more creatively (unless they have zillions in venture funding, which is not most of us).
Entrepreneurs build real relationships and form unique partnerships.
Entrepreneurs take action.
Entrepreneurs jump on every opportunity.
Entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of failure and would rather fail fast.
Entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to experiment. Something doesn’t work? No problem. Try something else.
Entrepreneurs have to leverage and think what is next, not just what is right now.
Entrepreneurs have to sell themselves and their business.
Entrepreneurs have personality.
Entrepreneurs are passionate.
Entrepreneurs can make decisions fast (without 200 lawyers and 156 accountants).

And I’m not talking about the entrepreneurial dreamers. I’m talking about the entrepreneurial doers. If you want fluff, go pet a bunny.

Big brands have a few things to learn from entrepreneurs. The future of marketing is going to see a lot of big brands looking to understand, learn from, and market like entrepreneurs.

So what now?

If you are an entrepreneur, this is exciting and an opportunity to teach a few bigger dogs some smaller dog tricks.

If you are a consumer, this is exciting because you will see less crap coming at you.

If you are a big brand, this is exciting to step away from the way it has always been done.

The future of marketing is in entrepreneurial hands. How do you see it taking shape? Who will be the best to learn from? Who are going to rock this new marketing world?

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!