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How Entrepreneurs Can Attract Passionate Customers

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Interesting Entrepreneur

Rise Underground: The Rise To The Top Entrepreneur Blog
The Rise To The Top: Entertaining, Energizing and Empowering Entrepreneurs

Episode #11: Attracting Passionate Customers


Ahhh…customers. And we aren’t just talking run-of-the-mill one-time-buying customers and clients. How do you attract a passionate following for you and your business? I will be joined by expert guest, Co-Owner, and General Manager of the St. Louis Aces Dani Apted Schlottman to answer these questions and more.

Also in this episode: Expert tips, exclusive footage from New York City of the Kairos Society Summit featuring the top college entrepreneurs in the world, a special on the St. Louis Business Expo, and a great charity Backstoppers.

Get ready for some education, fun, and of course a huge dose of energy to get you on the path for success!

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