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Entrepreneur Tip #2 Take A Break: In-town mini vacations

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by David Garland in David's Blog

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Entrepreneur Tip #2 Take A Break: In-town mini vacations
A double dose of video served up for you piping hot:

Get away from the stupid office. You know what, I can see you have been working hard today and you need a little rest and relaxation. But maybe you just don’t have the time and energy to pack everything up and head out of town.

So, today’s key: Creating your own vacation without venturing too far from home.

Yes, vacation normally brings to mind sandy beaches, big mountains, or maybe hibernating like a bear, but as an entrepreneur it can be tricky to get out of town on a whim.

No matter how cool your business is, there are always points where you want to jump out a window. A little exaggeration, but any entrepreneur can certainly attest to that.

Wherever you live there are some options in your town to RELAX and REFRESH and come back to work ready to take on the world. We have some great ideas that keep you in town but make you feel like you are out of town. Hey and if you want to take me on your little urban vacation, I’m in, but trust me I won’t shut up the whole time.

Time to take a mini-vacation without leaving your city. Here are five ways to become relaxed and get energized and feel as though you have been a million miles away:

#1: Visit a Bed and Breakfast.
Party like it is 1890. Put the tech away for a weekend. I know it is like taking a bottle from a baby but just relax. Bring a notepad. For the budget-minded entrepreneur, this is a great option as well because Bed and Breakfasts are usually family-owned and very reasonable. 

#2: 5th Friday Rule. Every fifth Friday, you don’t work. Seriously. Make it a habit and put it on your calendar. Take a “me” day, it’s cool.

#3: Get Rubbed. Get those dirty thoughts out of your head, I’m talking about a professional massage. Just one massage a month can have great health benefits and relieve that stress in your…well everywhere. The good news is the massage industry has become much more affordable over the past few years. That whole competition thing. Go for the deep tissue.

#4: Hotel it up. Ya it is a little cheesy, but going to a hotel for a weekend in your own hometown can really feel like you are on vacation. Perhaps there is a play, sporting event, or art show you can pair with it? Bring a loved one or just go by yourself. Changing your surroundings often leads to a breath of fresh air.
Ahhhhhhh….I feel relaxed already!

Live Passionately! – David Siteman Garland – The Creative Opportunities Specialist and Entrepreneurial Chameleon –

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