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Don’t Entrepreneur Alone: The Importance Of Mentorship For Young Entrepreneurs

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by David Garland in David's Blog

mentorship1First of all. Yes, I just used entrepreneur as a verb (Mom, that is a verb, right? She was an English teacher and would kill me if I screwed that up). I’ve been on the entrepreneurial journey for several years now and have been through tremendous ups and downs and it has been an absolutely incredible experience filled with lessons, mistakes, huge victories, bad moves, amazing calls and more.

With The Rise To The Top, which I get to share with you each week, (Season #2 starts in excited) I’ve had the blessing to meet some absolutely awe-inspiring entrepreneurs from Maxine Clark (Founder of Build-A-Bear) to Wine Celebrity/Business Hustle Expert Gary Vaynerchuk with many more in between and more to come (I’m pumped to release our Season #2 list of guests…I can barely control myself).

As I interview more and more people from the budding entrepreneur looking to get his or her business off the ground to the seasoned business startup veteran, patterns start to emerge. Interesting patterns…like argyle for the entrepreneur.

One major similarity between many of my past guests and the upcoming ones is that they have been exposed to great mentoring and now in turn often mentor others in some shape or form.

Now mentoring can be a very confusing subject. Do you pay mentors? (Quick answer on that one: no) What is a mentor? How do I know if I’m getting advice? How many mentors do I need? How often do you meet with mentor? Do you have to buy him or her cookies? How do I contact a potential mentor?

The bottom line is a mentor is someone or something that helps you succeed. It could be the guru on top of the mountain guiding your steps. Or it could be a team of trusted individuals. Perhaps it is a favorite book that acts as a mentor or a TV show (*hint hint*).

Can you succeed without a mentor? Perhaps, but why fall into the same bear traps as your predecessors?
Find someone or someone(s) who have already walked the entrepreneurial walk. Give them a call or an email. People are willing to help.

Thank you to all of my mentors including Norty Cohen, Bonni Burns, my grandpa Alvin Siteman, Matthew Porter, Scott Ginsberg among many others.

Thank you to my mentors who may not even know they are my mentors including Gary Vaynerchuk (upcoming guest!), Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss and countless others.

Who are your mentors?

How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

Free Training!

Grab Your Seat!