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Want to Build a Passionate Base of Super Fans? Do This.

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by David Garland in David's Blog

If I had a puppy for every time I’ve been asked about building a passionate base of super fans online, I’d be running about 50 kennels right now. And obviously, this is a heck of a topic and super important.

As a mediapreneur (you know, an entrepreneur creating media of some kind), you know how important it is to build a fan base through creating amazing free content. Maybe it is a web show. Maybe it is a blog. Maybe it is a web show/blog. Maybe it is a podcast. Maybe it is naked photos. Whatever.

However, why does it seem some folks have a passionate fan base hanging on every word, looking to buy products, and just, well, dominating? In this video, I’ll give you a reason why, and this is something ANYONE can implement as long as you are 100% genuine. Enjoy!

(Oh, and Dad – aka Randy “Tron” Garland – hijacked the end of this video. Be on the lookout.)

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