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DEBATE: What You Are Passionate About Vs What You Are Best At

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by David Garland in David's Blog

Recently Jon, a long time RISE viewer, recently brought up an interesting topic in a discussion in Third Tribe (an online marketing forum, affiliate link).

And Jon is in a position that many entrepreneurs are in. He is at a crossroads and deciding his next move.

For him, there are two directions to go and start his new business. For you, there might be many.

How do you decide?

Here was my advice:

First of all, answer these questions:

1. What are you post excited about between the two possibilities? Does one get you jazzed up more than the other?

2. Which one do you believe you are “best at”?

If the answer is the same for #1 and #2, you are golden and off the races. But, many folks (and you might be one of them) answer differently between #1 and #2.

For example, you are excited and passionate about puppies, but are best as a social media trainer (couldn’t help it…had to go there).

In my opinion, based on personal experience and talking with hundreds of entrepreneurs, the answer to #1 is the most important.

I didn’t ask, “Which one presents the best business opportunity?” Why? Call me an idealist, but I strongly believe there is a business opportunity that can be found underneath every passion. I know this because I turned a love of inline hockey into a business and radio show (first business) and a passion for helping entrepreneurs, entertainment, being not bored, and learning from interesting people into The Rise To The Top. And usually passion and excitement goes much deeper than a product (Tony Hsieh isn’t passionate about shoes. He is passionate about creating a culture of happiness.) Seriously, I bet we could figure it out.

So, back to the question at hand. Forget revenue for a second. Let’s assume each one pays $1,000,000 a year or $0 per year (whatever gets you in the mindset of deciding not based on money).

What do you choose? Do you go with the passion? The one you feel you are most skilled at or qualified to do? Or some other factor?

Looking forward to this discussion.

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