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How Do You Deal Adversity? Lessons From The Nashville Flood

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by David Garland in David's Blog

Thanks everyone for the support! As many of you know via Facebook and Twitter, we were stuck in the brutal Nashville floods on the way from Atlanta to St. Louis. We were stranded last night, but were lucky enough to find a hotel last second and as I write this…on the way back to St. Louis.

Oh and and when we started heading back after finally get out of the darn flood, my fiancee’s grandfather hit something on the road and popped a tire/messed up the rim causing another situation.

NOW, we are finally heading home.

Bottom line is the week became a bit upside down. Priorities shifted. Things had to change on the fly.

However, I learned a lot that I wanted to share with you. I think there are some big business (and life) lessons here that we can all learn from.

#1: You Have Two Options In A Bad Situation

Complain, bitch and become a negabot or be helpful and make the best of it.

My version of being helpful was to be helpful to others and do what I knew how to do. So I shot a video of the flood. Did it change the world? Probably not. But it might have helped some people and also reported on the situation. In fact, Mashable even picked it up today and put it on their home page (I wish I was on the front page of Mashable for other reasons…but I’ll take it..see above).

Which option do you choose when faced with a bad situation?

#2: You Learn More About People And Relationships When Times Are Stressful

Now, there were people in far worst shape than us. We had a car. We were able to find a hotel. Nobody in the family was hurt. We had food and water.

But as you can imagine, it was a stressful situation. When everything is rosy, happy and perfect, everything is pretty easy to deal with. How about when things get tricky? It only made my fiancee and I closer which proves who you can really count on.

Who can you count on when times are tough?

#3: Remember What Is Important:

What is really important? Is it that shiny new toy? Your business meeting tomorrow?

I feel like sometimes, we entrepreneurs get so absorbed in work that it takes a disaster to really think and get some perspective.

For me family and the safety of my family is everything.

What is important to you?

Your Thoughts: How do you deal with adversity? Tough times? Stress?

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