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What do you want to know about creating, promoting and profiting from your own awesome online course?

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by David Garland in David's Blog

Here is a classic scenario/question I get on average about 3848484848383.6 times per day (I rounded up by 1.6):

“David, I’m a really awesome person (trust me!). I’ve been working hard building my community of people who love ant eaters online. I have a list of maybe 150 ant eater lovers. Wow! I’ve been blogging and creating web shows and doing all that jazz, but I have a little problem…I need to create an amazing product to sell to my community. Oh woah is me! What should I do? Should I write an ebook? Create a membership site? Think anyone will buy an ad to reach my ant eater lovers? Help me!!


Jane – Head of the ant eaters

Every time I get this question, I give the same answer:  “You NEED TO CREATE A FREAKIN’ ONLINE COURSE! You need to take your amazing expertise, package it up into a 6-10 module course and turn your list/viewers/watchers into rabid buyers. And the best part? You can charge premium prices for courses (and unlike advertising) you can totally monetize with a very small list.”

And then, inevitably I get this response:

“WOW! What a great idea. David you are so smart and handsome. But, how the heck do I go about creating, promoting and profiting from my own online course?”

A hah! Well don’t worry my friends, Uncle David is here to help. Ever since my Create Awesome Interviews course has done over $50,000 in sales (and counting) with a list of less than 500 people (yes, seriously) I’ve been bombarded with questions about how you can do the same (or better, or similar, or heck even close).

You might want to know:

  • How to get started (and chose a topic that SELLS)
  • How to price your course like a champion
  • How to map out your product so you aren’t running around like a chicken with your head cut off
  • What kinds of technology you are gonna need (trust me it is super easy as long as you chose correctly 😉
  • How to know before you release your course if there is enough interest
  • The keys to a successful non-pushy, non-cheesy, high-converting sales page
  • How to launch the course (without being a pushy douche-a-saurus)
  • How to nab partners to help promote your course
  • Which bonuses to offer and why (very important) to people who buy your course
  • How to continue to promote your course AFTER the launch
  • How to handle customer service after the sale (often overlooked)

..and many more. I want to know what burning questions you have. Just fill out the form below. Boom!

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