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Congratulations To Our “App Dream Package” Contest Winner!

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Riveting News

One month ago, we kicked off a contest to give away an “App Dream Package” to a lucky entrepreneur looking to maximize online video courtesy of Widget Realm. Why? Practicing what we preach. Here on RISE I often talk about the benefits of online video and creating awesome video content. But for you to show your talent you need the right tools. So we teamed up with Widget Realm who is the leader in creating some amazing tools for content creators.

The winner receives:

-A Desktop App (a downloadable video player for your audience to put on their Desktop)

-A TV App (in partnership with Yahoo! Connected TV which takes your online content and streams to a variety of TV’s from Samsung, Sony, Vizio and more)

-Mobile Video Apps: (iPhone, Blackberry, Android)

-Content Configuration And Management

-Video Encoding

…bottom line a HECK of a deal.

We had an overflow of entries and pitches sorted by Brian Powell, founder of Widget Realm and the winner (after much deliberation is): submitted by David Wells. Brian selected Socialize Your Cause due to their amazing vision and bright future.

For those curious, here was the “pitch” sent in by David:

I was excited to hear about this contest. I recently started a collaborative blog ( focused on educating non-profit organizations on how to better leverage social media to further their cause.

Since launching last month, We have seen an enormous amount of traffic and feedback from the non-profit sector!

We cover a variety of social media and online marketing strategies that, quite frankly, a lot of these NPOs overlook!

We also have a Cause of the Week program set up to cover a new NPO each week and help spread their amazing stories to our audiences. Another perk of being selected as the Cause of the Week is free social media advice and the ability to tweet through our Non-profit Twitter Account @YouCanHelp to reach our audience(4800+ and growing!) for the week. You can see the NPOs we have covered thus far here

The idea of using my knowledge of internet marketing & social media for good rather than profit had always appealed to me and I am hoping to make it a full time gig. Right now I am financing this endeavor myself and don’t have the funds to push for an awesome package like this from Widget Realm.

We have just finalized our content strategy for the upcoming quarter and have big plans to incorporate a ton of video content into the site. If we won this app package it would be simple incredible! The syndication that the package would enable would allow us to reach so many more people with our message!

Spreading stories through social media is an extremely powerful way to garner support for NPOs and causes around the world and we want to see more organizations doing so.

Thank you very much for your consideration and sorry we are right on the deadline! We have been swamped with a NPO Twitter Application we have been developing!

David Wells
Socialize Your Cause

Thank you to everyone who entered (you guys and gals all rock!) and stay tuned for a new contest soon.

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!