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Change in media is coming fueled by Gen Y…are you ready?

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by David Garland in David's Blog

Have you heard the phrase those businesses that don’t evolve die, and those who are ahead of the curve or at least keep up with the curve flourish? This doesn’t mean that established brands constantly come out with radical new products, it simply means staying with the times and adapting new environments. So, who are the current media game changers? Newspaper enthusiasts and traditional radio, cover your eyes and ears because this isn’t going to be pretty. 

Generation Y is going to change the entire media game.

Yes, those insolent little brats who think they are entitled to everything (Yes, I’m a Gen Y’er). Members of Gen Y ( who are currently 21-35 and also interchangeably called “Millennials”) are moving up quick in the work place and are more entrepreneurial than previous generations which is leading to more spending power and influence. It is not a coincidence that Gen Y is referred to by advertisers as the “sweet spot” because of opportunities for long-term brand loyalty and the high-purchasing power of these tech-friendly information over-loaders. 

Generation Y does not thumb through a newspaper for three hours (or three minutes). We want our information instantaneously. One day or even one hour is too long. Example, a friend sent me a Facebook message about a funny video. What did I do? I went right to Youtube. In fifteen seconds, I was watching it.  

We are a text-messaging, multi-tasking, advertising-wary, Attention Deficit Disorder-loving, trendsetting, blog-reading, information-addicted, social-media experts, tech-embracing, fast-moving, highly-ambitious, quick-talking, well-educated, IPOD-listening kind of crowd. 

If you don’t see the Generation Y train coming, get off the tracks. 

When I was first coming up with the concept of The Rise To The Top as a new media resource, it was very important to me to cater to Gen Y. Why? Well, by being a member of the generation, these are the folks I can relate to and I know what I like and other Gen Y’ers enjoy: Bite-sized, highly applicable information that can be digested in a variety of formats (Video, Audio, Articles), shared with friends (Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon), and the “no pleated pants” mentality of fresh, edgy, with some humor and pop culture.No pleated pants

Millenials want to live more passionately, be happy,  kill the the 9-5 PM job and really “want it all” from money to entertainment to charity. Of course 21-35 year olds don’t know it all (I know SHOCKING) and can use the  help from those that have already walked the walked (Yes, my little Gen Y friends, there is MUCH to learn from past generations!)

Bottom line, get ready for Gen Y revolution. Major media outlets and advertisers are going to feel it in no time. What are you doing to prepare?

Live Passionately! – David Siteman Garland – The Creative Opportunities Specialist 


How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

Free Training!

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