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Does the word douche-a-saurus offend you? A Big, Big, Big Lesson in Being Yourself Online

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by David Garland in David's Blog

Big lesson today for any mediapreneur looking to dominate (that is you!). See if this resonates with you.

When I started building The Rise To The Top in 2008, I basically “acted” like I thought I was supposed to act. Meaning, slicked back hair, suits, very little personality, very calculated.

Looking back now, I’m super embarrassed by it. Because, honestly, sometimes all of us are scared to show our true selves (flaws and all!).

One of the key moments that skyrocketed my fan base was when I finally said “Screw it!”. Meaning, I decided to talk on camera like I talk in real life (and to my friends). I decided to write like I talk in real life. Just being me (including the occasional curse word and douche-a-saurus reference).

And the results were HUGE.

In today’s quick DSG TV video, I talk about this shift and some MAJOR lessons of being comfortable with your own style and personality. Watch below (and let me know in the comments section, are you being “you” online?).

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