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Become A Media Blender: What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Barack Obama's Inauguration

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by David Garland in David's Blog

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Become A Media Blender: What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Barack Obama’s Inauguration

In a historic day in American history, regardless of party affiliation, millions of Americans tuned in this morning to Barack Obama being sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. 

I sat glued to the the television, with my laptop next to me on my right, and my cell phone buzzing on my left. I thought, “Wow I am media blender!” Welcome my friends to the future of media. Even just ten years ago, you could only get your news from a few different sources:

-Local Radio
-Word-Of-Mouth: Calling friends on the phone, telling people in person, etc.

And now welcome to the new media game. You can now get your information from (deep breath):

-Social Networking Word-Of-Mouth (Facebook for example)
-Microblogging (Twitter)
-Live video streams on the Internet (CNN, Ustream, and many others)
-Internet video recaps and bonus footage
-Internet radio, satellite radio, XM radio, whatever radio
-Text messages via your phone

plus of course our deal old friends:
-Local Radio
….and newspapers…tomorrow (yikes!)

This is the era of instant and fragmented news. Remember when there was just one news station? (I don’t because I’m too young, haha) With more sources comes more information, more things to follow, and a new brand of instant news. If this seems a bit overwhelming, don’t fret.

We are in the middle of a media revolution. When Barack Obama proudly stood on the podium today, the same information that was once limited to just three media sources and word of mouth was broadcast everywhere by thousands of sources.

So, what the heck does this have to do with entrepreneurs? Here are a few media blending tidbits to take away:

1. Tools are changing. Are you updating your toolbox? You better be where your customers are. If your customers are watching streaming video, you better be streaming video. If your customers are tweetaholics on Twitter, you better get on there. Tools will change over time. Let your customers dictate where to go.

2. New ways to consume equals new rules. Are you blending media? Can your customers find your simply and easily online? Have you found out ways to incorporate interesting media into your site (audio, video, etc.)? If your customers are consuming, you better be there to feed their appetite or you could get left in the dust!

3. The barrier of entry is lowering. It used to be you had to have tons of money, power, and connections to get your message out to the world. Now with blogging, lower costs of video, and new technology you can be up in minutes. Create an online presence combining at least TWO of the media options listed above. Your customers and clients will thank you!

Media is becoming fragmented. Are you carving our your niche? Like Obama, you can be everywhere.

Live Passionately! – David Siteman Garland – The Creative Opportunities Specialist and Entrepreneurial Chameleon

How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

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