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Be Funny Or Be Out Of Business

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Be Funny Or Be Out Of Business

The pleated pants days of no humor in business are over. If you are still stuck in the 50’s, here is a refresher course. There is nothing worse than the salesperson, entrepreneur, teacher, businessman or woman who approaches business like war. No fun, no games, no smiles. All work, no play.

Those who don’t use humor or at least a lighter attitude, lose business. It is a FACT. Now I’m not saying you walk into business meetings with a beanie and blow-horn. And of course you have to adapt to your environment (or maybe DO wear the beanie…let me know how that goes). Lots of humor may work with some, a little humor may work with others. That is up for you to judge.

Here are a few people who blend content and humor. I have learned from their delivery and attitude, and I bet you can too.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk: Irreverent and just being himself.
2. David Newman: Great speaker who doesn’t take himself too seriously.
3. Joel McHale: OK, so this one is a little bit of cheating because he is comedian; however, his style is great because he can make fun of anyone and still somehow be cool.
4. Julie Alexandria: Stocks and humor? You bet!
5. Cali Lewis: Making tech…fun? funny? Cali appeals to both men and women with her dynamic personalty.

How are you using humor to attract clients and make sales? Make it part of YOUR personal brand and you will see the laughter up along with profits.

Live Passionately! -David Siteman Garland- The Creative Opportunities Specialist

How to Launch Your Online Course in Less Than 90 Days

Free Training!

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