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Cool Prizes, Autographed Copies and David in a Bunny Suit? (Book Launch Continues!)

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Riveting News

Autographed Copies, Fluffy Bunnies, Win Cool Stuff: Smarter Faster Cheaper Launch Week ContinuesI just wanted to thank you for an amazing launch day yesterday for Smarter, Faster, Cheaper. Your support is what is making everything possible. From nabbing the book to spreading the word, I can’t thank you enough.

As mentioned earlier this week, this week on RISE is a little bit different with the book release. A book release is much more of a long-term relationship than a one night stand. As many of you know, I rarely promote my stuff (because I love promoting others). I know you are busy between work, family and friends and incredibly appreciate the support.

A few things going on that might be of interest to you:

#1: All kinds of prizes EXTENDED until Friday at Midnight CST. Head right here to claim yours (as long as you buy at least ONE book, you get something…woohoo). There has been so much bedlam this week, I wanted to make sure everyone gets a prize. There is some cool stuff in there so I want to make sure you didn’t miss it. There is everything from autographed copies to a sponsorship of a RISE episode (Which are flying quickly. Example of someone that nabbed 25 books and now get a free plug in a RISE episode: The Chapala Club)

#2: I’m in the midst of a massive new media tour. Bloggers, web shows, and other awesome people with a variety of articles, interviews, and other stuff. I’ll make sure to create a post on here aggregating them all later this week/early next week (that will continue to be updated) in case you want to check it out. Here is an example from Tamar Weinberg’s Techipedia.

#3: If you have already read a copy, would love to hear a review! Feel more than free to post it to Amazon.

#4: Want to do something fun? Take a photo once you have your book and post it to Facebook (and tag me up and/or The Rise To The Top). Funniest/most clever photo will win a cool prize (especially if you also encourage people to go out and nab the book *wink* *wink*)

and (drum roll please……

#5: You can make me wear a pink fluffy bunny suit. Here is the deal. If Smarter, Faster, Cheaper hits a major best seller list (at any point!) I will wear a fluffy, pink bunny outfit for one full day and film the adventure. Everywhere I go, I will be in funny bunny attire. Guaranteed to include numerous public places and a full workout at the gym. Guaranteed.

Lesson learned: This launch has really taught me there are just freaking amazing people everywhere. Collaborative, generous, and eager to learn.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your continued help, love, support and generosity. You rock.


PS: If they give me an option on the bunny suit, I will ask for “extra fluffy.”

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