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Introducing Author Cats

(aka what we’ve secretly been working on behind the scenes for nearly two years)

by David Garland in David's Blog

Wanted to do something a little bit different today and share with you the story behind our new piece of software that’s about to drop like it’s hot: Author Cats. 

So, um we have a new piece of software coming out and it is going to change the game for authors…

(aka what we’ve secretly been working on behind the scenes for nearly two years)

It all starts with Nick Stephenson.

Nick is a successful author out of jolly ole England who writes crime thrillers (including the Leopold Blake series):

A few years ago Nick enrolled in my Create Awesome Online Courses course and decided to put together his first online course: Get 10k Readers. As a successful author, Nick knew the ins and outs of building a readership for books and wanted to teach authors to do the same.

The results were a SMASHING (I like to picture “smashing” being in a British accent) success. Nick’s course did $130,208 in sales when it launched and since then it has now done well over 3 million dollars and continues to grow and grow (not a typo there 3 million+).

Along the way, Nick has worked with thousands of different authors. Fiction and non-fiction. Everyone from up-and-coming business authors to seasoned Romance novelists.

And he discovered throughout the years a MAJOR problem and pain for authors: Technology.

The mere thought of websites and the like are enough to cause heart palpitations, sweats, and uncontrollable mumbling.

Because authors want to grow their readership. Sell books. Get their message out. Change the world. They don’t want to be tinkering with annoying websites that don’t work or spending an arm and a leg for designers and developers.

More specifically in the words of Nick:

“As authors, it’s our job to ask ourselves ‘What if?’. After years of developing online strategies for selling and marketing books, and after helping tens of thousands of authors grow their careers, that question became, “What if there were one online platform that could handle all your book marketing and audience growth needs in one place?”

Specifically, an amazing author website that turns visitors into subscribers, paying fans, and lifelong readers…without needing a designer, web developer, a psychiatrist, or a team of 1,000 nerds.

Nick was obsessing over a series of “what ifs” when it came to creating the perfect author website.

For example…

        What if you no longer had to duct-tape together a dozen different pieces of software to create something that’s just going to break all the time (or not look or function the way you want it to)?

        What if you could create a beautiful website, without needing an expensive designer or years of training?

        What if you could get set up from scratch to a full online marketing platform in 24 hours?

        What if you could make the whole “growing your audience and selling your books” thing easy – with software that’s designed just for you?

Nearly two years ago, Nick called me up and told me about this problem and asked if he knew where he could find a “Brad” to bring his vision to life and solve this major issue for authors.

Brad who is not just a person we put in air quotes…is a real live human and the mastermind behind our Cats software. Course Cats for online courses and Conversion Cats for your “main” website/blog, etc.

(Side note on Brad: Brad and I met about 7-8 years ago when he was working for a web development agency in St. Louis. He was the lead developer on my site before he went out on his own and continued to work on it and other projects. He got so sick of me sending him clients that he created software so people can build their own online course websites, blogs, etc. hence our different Cats software products)

Anyway…Nick’s passionate plea definitely sparked me, both as a lover of books and an author myself, and I told him…

“Well instead of finding someone like Brad…let’s get Brad himself!”

And that’s how Author Cats was born as a triple-trifecta team up of Brad, Nick and myself with a larger mission of removing one of the biggest barriers for authors…that freakin’ technology.

And with that barrier removed authors can sell more books, change more lives, spread their message and make a better living.

Over the past nearly two years, Author Cats has been in secret-underground-development in coffee shops in the US and England to make sure it was best darn cat it could be (conversations with authors, research, testing, testing and even more testing followed by slightly more testing).

Then came beta testing and more improvements to nail the exact features authors need.

Then came our first mini-launch which is always an anxious time for any entrepreneur.

Nick created a waitlist and what we did is offer special lifetime access to 20 people (meaning they purchase once and get access forever).

We didn’t want to let in too many people at first in case there were secret bugs we missed or other chaos.

What happened?

20 spots were gone in 9 mins the day we opened it up October 20th.

And the response from those first 20 has been huge including many getting up a fully functioning (and extremely well designed) site in just a few hours.

Check these babies (and by babies I mean killer websites) out: (whoop that’s Nick’s!)

We are tingly with all kinds of happiness. Especially excited about the high-quality design AND speed (meaning from scratch to website for many in less than 8 hours…ready to grow readership and sell books).

What happens now?

Just around the corner is the grand opening on November 29th. We will be offering one opportunity for a few days to get lifetime access for a crazy price and after that (just like Course Cats and Conversion Cats) we move to nice affordable quarterly and yearly plans.

I’ve been told I’m not allowed to reveal more 🙂

If you are an entrepreneur/biz enthusiast…I hope you enjoyed the story behind the company and maybe it sparked some ideas and inspiration for you. If you are an author and want to make sure you are in the loop and get access you will definitely want to sign up for the waitlist to make sure you get the special grand opening deal:

Get on the Author Cats waitlist

Cat are taking over the world,