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My Advice for Ryan

by David Garland in David's Blog

So, who the heck is Ryan?

Ryan is my fitness trainer who has a killer brand he has built for himself: Prymal. Here he is in action:

I hired Ryan this past spring and love working with him and we also get a chance to talk shop before and after our sessions. This week we talked through something very important in his biz that I want to share with you (as I bet this is applicable to you as well!). Oh, and of course Ryan gave me permission to share all these goodies and the advice I gave him because he is such a nice lad 🙂

Often times people overcomplicate the concepts of building an email list and selling online courses and programs. It need not be so difficult my friend. Let’s get at it.

Here is a quick rundown on where he is at now:

-He has a nice online following. NOTE: I did not say he has a “huge email list” but he does have a nice following on Instagram and Facebook.

-He produces EXCELLENT content. Videos, blog posts, etc. Check him out on Instagram.

-He is a fantastic trainer. Meaning he knows his crap and has developed his own philosophies, style, brand, etc. Anyone who is going to be successful as a personal brand/coach/teacher, etc. better know their stuff (I know thanks captain obvious…but you would be surprised).

-He trains private clients and online clients and is moving towards even more online opportunities (courses/coaching hybrid for the most part).

How does he want/need to improve?

Having an online following (an audience) who loves you is obviously A++++ BUT….

-What if Instagram closes up shop tomorrow? Womp, womp. There goes Ryan’s following…unless he gets folks from social media onto his email list. 

-When Ryan is interviewed on podcasts/blogs, etc. where does he send people? Often to his Instagram or just to the main page of his website. D’OH! This is a major waste of traffic and attention. What you want to do when being interviewed, other publicity, etc. is DRIVE PEOPLE to a killer free giveaway and get them on your email list so you can continue the relationship with them. 

So, how does Ryan build his email list AND make more sales?

1. It starts with amazing free content (tips, advice, etc.) that he gives away in exchange for an email address (BTW want an easy way to create landing pages to folks to opt in and an entire high-converting website for you and your brand…definitely check out

2. This is where people get mixed up.. this free content you are going to give away can really be anything as long it is valuable/makes sense for the right people you are trying attract! What we came up with is “10 Days Of Prymal”…which Ryan is working on right now. Essentially, people will opt in for a free 10-day email series that will have a video each day with a key “Prymal Exercise” i.e. the proper way to do a deadlift or a bear crawl and Ryan’s teaching philosophies (why that exercise is important, etc.).

3. Then at the end of the 10-day series? Folks will get a pitch for his course/coaching program. They either buy (sha-zam!) or they don’t and continue to get more tips/blog posts/other stuff from Ryan.

4. Once that is setup…now what? The answer = traffic. Meaning, getting as many people to that landing page to opt in for the 10 Days Of Prymal as possible. What can Ryan do?

A. Leverage what he already has…meaning post about the 10 Days Of Prymal on FB (and mention it during his FB lives he does every Wednesday, link it up in other posts he does, etc.), post about it on Instagram (and put it in easy-peasy places like his Instagram bio).

B. No more wasting traffic when on podcast interviews/articles and all that jazz. “Visit my website” is not good enough. Go to X link and sign up free for “10 Days Of Prymal” where I’ll share with you a key Prymal exercise every day and additional tips. Oh heck yes. All kinds of yes.

C. If Ryan then wants to experiment with paid traffic from FB ads, etc. he has somewhere valuable to send them vs just his website (nooooo!) or a paid offer which is trying to close the deal too fast (I’ll spare a “closing the deal too fast” joke). Instead, he drives signups to the 10 Days Of Prymal which will turn into a valuable asset for him as he will build a happy list of prospects that might buy soon or might buy later on.

Is there work involved here? HECK YES there is. But I can tell you one thing…it’s KISS WORK. Keeping It Super Simple. Too many people try to complicate all this with all kinds of BS. In the end, simple and valuable wins.

I hope you picked up some ideas and inspiration.

I’ll be sure to report back on Ryan’s progress,


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