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5 Reasons Why Dan Aykroyd Rocks The Entrepreneurial World (and has a shout out for TRTTT)

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Intriguing Celebrity

5 Reasons Dan Aykroyd Rocks The Entrepreneurial World (and has a shout out for TRTTT)

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Dan Aykroyd is best known of course as an incredibly talented actor with works ranging from Ghostbusters to Saturday Night Live and one look into his accomplishments leads to an endless list of awards, movies, and television greatness. Entrepreneur is not a word you would necessarily associate with the Canadian-born actor….until now.

Dan stopped into St. Louis a bit this week and his agenda was quite different than what you might expect. He was here letting the Gateway City in on two of his new ventures: Crystal Head Vodka and Dan Aykroyd Wines. Now, the knee jerk reaction may be that it is another celebrity endorsing a random project; however, in reality Dan Aykroyd is a very savvy entrepreneur who is passionate about his new business ventures and here are a couple of things you can takeaway from the former Conehead.

1. Be Selective: One look at Dan’s website lets you know that he is REALLY behind his wines and other spirits. He has fallen in love with the process and business as well as the spotting of a tremendous business opportunity.

2. Get Your Hands Dirty: The sweat equity and promotion. Dan Aykroyd is out there getting his hands dirty, meeting people, and marketing his business…and he is a ridiculously famous movie star. What is your excuse for not getting out there and promoting?

3. Importance Of Design:
Great design can sell a product. A great product then keeps customers coming back. Bad design or bad product = you in trouble. Take a look at Crystal Head vodka…and that my friends is amazing design (and some not so great photography skills of yours truly) Design Note: Elizabeth Erickson of Creative Entourage will be on our next episode of The Rise To The Top later this month.

4. A Little Entrepreneurial Conquering: Dan and a brilliant partner spotted a need in Canada that was not being fulfilled in the spirit world (tequila, vodka, etc.) and decided to import to the great white north. They earned market share and then expanded into wine and other spirits. Is there a product/service you see in another market that you could bring to yours?

5. Tap Into Your Talents: While Dan is the face of the products, he has a dream team of people who are masters of the liquor business. Remember, go with your talents. If you are a rocking promoter, spend your time promoting. If you are great at presentations, present. If you aren’t great, find someone who is and it will be worth it in the long run (of course dabbling in all areas of your business is often necessary for the bootstrappin’ entrepreneur, but that does NOT mean you shouldn’t be focusing your time on your talents).

And that sums it up. Dan Aykroyd is a stand up guy and everything he does turns to gold. I’m looking forward to keeping a close eye on his newest ventures.

Live Passionately! – David Siteman Garland – The Creative Opportunities Specialist and Entrepreneurial Chameleon –

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