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Can You Help? 25 People I’d Love To Interview For You

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by David Garland in David's Blog

Remember when you were a kid and you had to put together a realistic wish list? Perhaps for your birthday, Christmas, Hannukah, whatever it might be? Here is that list.

This year on the show, the goals and mission are really simple. I’m looking to bring you interesting interviews with awesome people. In a variety of fields. Talking about their rise to success, challenges, failures and all kinds of goodies. A candid glimpse into their world. A peek at their latest projects in much more depth than any late-night talk show. Uncut and uncensored. A wide range of guests including entertainers, artists, authors, athletes and more. Different personalities. Different perspectives.

As we put our right guard on and turn it up a degree, I have a favor to ask. If you find The Rise To The Top valuable and If you know anyone (or are a couple of degrees away) on the “wish list” below, let me know and I will give you a big freaking hug.

Together we can turn The Rise To The Top into a premier show. A place where interesting people want to come and tell their stories and talk about their projects….on the Internet (as opposed to just traditional publications and shows). We can do it.

Without further ado…

Upcoming Booked Guests (airing date listed…subject to change of course):

Matt Inman – Creator Of The Oatmeal (Thursday, March 24th)
Guy Kawasaki – Author of Enchantment (Tuesday, March 29th)
Chris Brogan – Top Blogger & Author (Thursday, March 31st)
Scott Kurtz – Web Comic – PvP (Tuesday, April 5th)
Andrew Warner – Founder Of Mixergy (Thursday, April 7th)
Gary Vaynerchuk – Author Of The Thank You Economy (Tuesday, April 12th)
Chaz Dean – Chaz Dean Studio (Thursday, April 14th)

Random Wish List (in no particular order):

1. Neil Strauss – Author
2. Justin Halpern – Author (Sh*t My Dad Says)
3. Mark Cuban – Owner – Dallas Mavericks
4. Richard Branson – Virgin Group
5. Aziz Ansari – Comedian/Actor
6. Tony Hawk – Professional Skateboarder/Author
7. Nelly – Musical Artist
8. Daniel Tosh – Comedian
9. David Sedaris – Author
10. Bethenny Frankel – Chef/Author
11. Dana White – UFC President
12. MC Hammer – Musical Artist
13. Andy Cohen – President of Original Programming at Bravo TV
14. Pete Cashmore – Founder/CEO Mashable
15. Dane Cook – Comedian
16. Justine Ezarik – Internet Personality (Justine agreed to come on, just need to lock her down for scheduling!)
17. Annie Duke – Professional Poker Player
18. Kevin Pollack – Actor/Podcaster
19. Leo Laporte – Broadcaster
20. Perez Hilton – Blogger
21. Adam Corolla – Podcaster/Comedian
22. Kevin Rose – Tech Entrepreneur/Internet Personality
23. J.K Rowling  – Author
24. Steve Martin – Actor/Comedian
25. Arianna Huffington – Co-Founder Huffington Post

And of course, this list I’m sure will change over time (doesn’t everything?!). Some will be added. Some might be crossed off. Some people I’ve never heard of today will be brought up and I’ll become obsessed with getting them on the show (you don’t know who you don’t know).

Also, who would you suggest and add to the list?

With your help, this will happen.


PS: Photo is from Laughing Penguins at my wedding. Left to right: Me, Ria Sharon, Lewis Howes

8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!