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2010 Predictions: Can You Sum Up Your 2010 Goals In Only Three Words?

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by David Garland in David's Blog

Since it seems “Best Of” posts are a dime a dozen about this time of the year, I decided to try something a littler different and kicked this question out via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you could sum up your 2010 goals in three words, what would they be?

The answers? They ranged from hilarious to witty to realistic to creative. Like me, you will probably find many of them inspiring as we wrap up the decade. You can check them all out below.

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Now to the subject at hand. If you could sum up your 2010 goals in three words, what would they be?

Via Twitter:

@Richardbonilla Together We Win
@ultrarjan Monster Epic Win
@dixiedynamite REinvention REcreation REngagement
@fierypinkgirl Onward And Upward
@sarahmerion Dominate Dominate Dominate
@haydentompkins Get Party Started
@theobell Work Face Book
@theoxygencoach Love Wealth Happiness
@elloinos Put People First
@rizzotees Sell More Tees
@leggsg Escape Cubicle Nation
@stephanieaburke Crush It Daily
@jonathannelson Just Do It
@Jenn_if_er Conquer A 26.2
@partyaficionado I Am Reborn
@davidlynnclucas Kick Major Ass
@elsicomoro Rule The World
@susanisk Live My Dreams
@RossPR Work My Passion
@Shama Global Growing Great
@mrsparklebrain Make More Money
@LeapGreetings Scale My Business
@GeorgeDearing Make A Difference
@RobertPickstone Keep Pushing Forward
@jtohline Growth Expansion Acquisition
@juliebaylor Enjoy Work More
@scoremoresales Big Audacious Fun
@kidsroomdecor Going Digital Baby
@outspire Awake Grow Inspire

Via Facebook/Linkedin:

Laura Goodrich: Books Films Sponsorships
Andrea Herran: Coach Speaking Growth
Michael Buffa: Create Great Content
Cesar G Abueg: New Bold Success
Josh Salcman: Users Subscribers Ambassadors
Autumn Green: Job Health Happiness
Shelly Wolfe: Challenging Optimistic Rewarding
Andrew Levine: Win The Lottery
Peter Wheeler: Finish Ninja Training
Sherrie White: Health Work Connection
Brian Powell: Rock It Hard
Aaron Kominsky: Healthy Wealthy Wise
Dafna Michaelson: Go Real Big
Felicia Howard: Love Wealth Happiness
Tia Singh: Wife Fulfillment $100,000
Vanessa Van Petten: Creative Flexible Passionate

Mine? (@therisetothetop): On The Map

And what are yours? Feel free to leave them in the comments. Bonus points for creativity!

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Have an amazing end to 2009 and start to 2010!?

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