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The $130,208 Case Study: How Nick Stephenson Created & Launched His First Online Course

Enjoy the uncensored interview with Nick below and also some bonus questions and answers 🙂


NickSName: Nick Stephenson

Name Of Your Course: Your First 10,000 Readers

1. What is your total revenue generated so far and how much is your course?

$130,208 in the first week – priced at $597

2. What was your list size when you launched your course?

around 3,500

3. Who is your course for?

Authors who want to improve their marketing efforts and build their platform

4. How did you come up with the idea for your course?

As an author myself, I know exactly how hard it is to sell books and boost visibility on sites like Amazon, Nook, iTunes, and the others. It was a relatively simple exercise to pin the course topics down – I launched an author marketing mailing list with a PDF lead magnet last year, and the first question I asked when people signed up was: “What are you struggling with.”

I simply paid attention 🙂

5. How did you build your email list? 

I used a PDF lead magnet at first, then upgraded this to a three-part video series. Because the videos were offering such an insane amount of (free) value, it got the attention of some major blogs and podcasts. I guest-posted and podcasted my butt off during Jan / Feb 2015 and grew my list from 1,500 to 3,500 in just a few weeks.

6. When did you start your business? Did you make money in another way before a course or was this your first revenue generator? 

I self-published my first book in 2012 – within 2 years I was making six figures, so I knew this approach to marketing WORKED. I just wanted to share it with everyone!

7. How long did it take you to create your course from start to finish? 

A little over 90 days, with a new baby and Christmas inbetween 😀

8. Did you face any big challenges (in creating, promoting, launching, anywhere along the journey)? Tell us about them and how did you overcome them? 

YES! Every step was challenging, some more than others. The hardest part for me was actually creating the content – all the video recording and editing was a nightmare, as was finding the time to sit down and actually perform the sessions, with everything else that needed to be done.

9. How did it feel to make that first sale?

I remember my knees almost buckling when I made my first $597 sale – within 7 minutes of launching!

10. How has creating and selling your course changed your business/perspective? And/or your life? 

I’m still a little in shock… but to know what’s possible with the right approach has opened up a number of doors for me. Especially because this system is repeatable, there really is no limit to what you can achieve if you’re willing to put the work in (and follow instructions!).

11. Have there been any other ‘surprises’ that have resulted from launching your course?

I was surprised at just how NOT annoyed my followers were with the daily sales emails. In fact, many of them emailed to say: “I haven’t had an email from you today. What’s the deal?”

12. What’s next for you? 

Next… I’ll be making sure all the VIP students get back 500% value from their investment, tweaking the course contents as needed, and then looking towards the JV and evergreen launches. This really is just the beginning!

13. What’s your advice to someone who is about to begin on their journey to create, promote & profit from online courses? And…finally, what would you say to someone who is interested in David’s Create Awesome Online Courses program? 

Don’t procrastinate. Start. Right. Now. And don’t stop until it’s finished. It doesn’t have to be 100% perfect the first time – there will always be a few bugs and things that slip through the cracks. The most important thing is to launch, launch, launch!

Oh, and make sure your backend systems are up to the challenge. I can’t stress how much of a life-saver my web developer has been during this whole process.


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