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101 Marketing Strategies: The Twitter Roll

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by David Garland in David's Blog

This is part of a new series of 101 short videos with entrepreneurs trying something new.

Something social.

Something interactive.

Something cool.

Something experimental.

Often times it will be something simple. Why? Because simplicity wins.

101 Marketing Strategies: The Twitter Roll

First one up is “The Twitter Roll” from Miso Lounge in beautiful (!) St. Louis, Missouri.

Disclosure: Miso Lounge and Araka Restaurant are sponsors of The Rise To The Top and we hold numerous events there. And it doesn’t make this story any less awesome-ly interesting.

Here is the deal. On Miso’s Twitter account Twitter.com/misolounge they are starting to chat up the “The Twitter Roll” (which by the way I ate last night and I’m not telling you what is in it. But it is good. REAL good). Follow them and you will hear about it.

And there is already buzz flying around town about it.


Because they are trying something different. And they are offering something cool for following them on Twitter (it isn’t free, but unique sort of like the secret codes at In & Out Burger).

Now as an entrepreneur think about this for a second:

-The only cost is creativity. No zillion dollar, boring ad campaigns. Yuck. That would ruin it.

-There is a spreadable factor. A conversation piece.

-It is interactive. Meaning it is fun to tell a friend about it.

-It takes folks from behind the computer into a restaurant.

-And while everything in social media doesn’t have to be measurable (you don’t measure ROI on your fax machine, do you?), this one certainly is.

The Lesson:

Time will of course tell how successful it is. But either way there are lessons here that apply to your business. How can you create something simple? Something valuable? Something worth talking about (and in this case eating?)

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