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101 Marketing Strategies: Learn To Sell AROUND Your Product

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by David Garland in David's Blog

This video is part of the 101 Marketing Strategies series on RISE which includes real-life examples, strategies, tips, tricks in more. Things are working. Fluff free.

The idea behind this video is based on what you are seeing online right now and where we are moving towards in the future: Businesses as media sources and publishers

People are abandoning the old school “tell people how great their product is” mentality and shifting towards one based around useful content. Why? Because it is helpful and it works. It puts your customer first because honestly no one cares about your product. People care about some mix of being helped, alleviating a pain, solving a problem, being entertained, etc.

This shift creates a tremendous opportunity to create content your customers/clients/etc. ACTUALLY want to read, listen to, and/or watch.

101 Marketing Strategies is sponsored by Johnny Londoff Chevrolet

Johnny is our local presenting sponsor getting super social and offering all kinds of unique deals on cars (and supplier pricing for anyone that mentions The Rise To The Top. You can check him out on Twitter for deals updated frequently (and NOT just for the St. Louis area).

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