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10 Things To Have Completed BEFORE Spending A Dollar On Advertising

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Featured On
by David Garland in David's Blog, Media Innovator

Note: This is a guest video and post from Scott Scully at Abstrakt Marketing. Disclosure: Abstrakt is a partner of The Rise To The Top, but I choose this post to feature because Scott knows what the heck he is talking about.

1. Brand – Who are you?  What do you do?
2. Competitive Positioning – How are you different from your competition?
3. Sales Presentation & Close Presentation
4. Sales Collaterals – brochures and sell sheets
5. Door Opener – For example, a “no charge audit”
6. Case Studies & Testimonials
7. Interactive Website with video
8. Search Engine Optimization
9. Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Blog
10. Customer Marketing – customer e-newsletter

Note from David: I’m definitely interested to hear your thoughts especially if you HAVE spent a dollar (or thousands) on advertising. Did you have these things in place? What was the result?

About Abstrakt Marketing: Scott Scully is the founder of the very creative and outside-the-box marketing and advertising firm: Abstrakt Marketing. He blogs at IdeaMachine365. You can find out more about Scott on his featured expert page along with his thoughts on changes going on in the marketing world right now.

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