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More Thank Double Your Online Course Sales

Wanted to share with you a killer strategy that you are totally free to steal. It will do nothing but great things for you.

The basic concept: Turn the “biggest objection” to your course into more sales (and even happier customers).

Here is what I did,

I asked myself: “What’s the biggest objection to my #1 course Create Awesome Online Courses?”

The answer:

“I don’t have an email list!”

When Create Awesome Online Courses first came out in 2013, I envisioned it for folks who ALREADY had an email list of some kind. Even if it was small. It was a prerequisite listed on the sales page/in my videos, etc.

But, times have changed. We have lots of folks who come into Create Awesome Online Courses with an email list. Some super small. Some super medium. Some super big. HOWEVER, over the years lots of folks have come in with an email list of 0 (those little rebels).

And that’s totally fine because EVERYONE starts with an email list of 0…but not so fine if you want to sell online courses because you HAVE TO HAVE AN EMAIL LIST (for example my first course Create Awesome Interviews I launched to a lil’ list of just 400 people).

So I crunched my brain for months (many many months in my secret lab petting a kitty) and decided to embrace this objections and wipe it out for people as opposed to ignoring it.

What I came up with was List-A-Palooza (which has since been updated again to an all inclusiv e Traffic Strategy Library). I called it a “bigger than a bonus” that comes with enrollment of Create Awesome Online Courses where I show people “How To get your first 500-1000 Email Subscribers (without spending years creating content or zillions of dollars).”

How I implemented it:

Basically I planned out the training (different modules), recorded and then brought in successful CAOC students who ALSO started from scratch to share their #1 traffic-getting strategy.

In the end I ended up with 9 videos with killer step-by-step strategies.

Then I surprised my CAOC Students (that’s you!)  by giving them this new training FREE. And the response was huge (emails poured in with happiness…no surprise people love being taken care of).

I realize I could have easily charged and arm & a leg for it (and it would be worth it) but a big lesson here is TAKE GREAT CARE OF YOUR PEEPS.

Here is an excerpt from that email:

Now List-A-Palooza was a killer “beyond a bonus” full training that everyone gets when they enroll in CAOC (it isn’t sold separately it’s part of CAOC…that’s important).

I then updated everything that needed to be updated to make sure all new customers know they are getting List-A-Palooza. New sales page, new email copy, new videos etc. etc.

Bye bye #1 objection!

So what happened?

List-A-Palooza went live about two months ago (June 16th) and the results have been nothing short of staggering.

The short version: Sales have more than doubled. Very close to tripling.

Folks are loving the training, getting results and no longer tell me “But..but…I don’t have an email list!”

Plus folks that DO have an email list also love it as well because always great to have a few more strategies.


How you can implement this strategy:

It all starts with thinking: “What’s the #1 reason someone doesn’t buy my course?”

What is the missing piece? What’s the most common issues?

If you don’t know ask people who didn’t buy.

Now don’t say the most common objection someone says is “I don’t have the money”! There will ALWAYS be some people who think your pricing is too high or they can’t afford it. That’s totally fine as they aren’t your customer. Your job isn’t to have them find magic money off the money tree.

And then simply create it. The knee jerk reaction is “well then I should sell it, right?” WRONG. Instead add it to your flagship course. Your current customers will love you and get a lot out of it and future customers will come flying in.

How bout them apples?

Happy online course-ing,