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Coolest Job In The World? Meet The Couple Getting Paid To Travel To The World’s Poshest Places

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About Today’s Guests, Rob and Kim Murgatroyd:

Rob and Kim MurgatroydRob and Kim Murgatroyd are just like every other married couple with a young child…if every couple with a young child traveled around the world to interesting places such as Capri, Italy and Rio De Janeiro and wrote insider guidebooks about it. Not a bad way to make a living, eh?

Rob and Kim spend 13 weeks a year traveling the world shooting videos and writing guidebooks for their brand Jet Set Life. They stay in the coolest hotels & find the interesting hot spots that most people don’t know about (away from people with fanny packs).

In this conversation, we chat about everything from world travel to their Jet Set Life brand to what it is like working with your significant other.



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