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THE Facebook ads strategy that is working right now (learn it, use it)

Gettin’ a little personal here . . .

Have you ever felt like you hit a home run in your business? A time when you created something brand new and it was such a success it actually surprised you?

I personally had one of those moments 2 weeks ago when I did a live 2-hour Facebook Ads Workshop with my friend David Siteman Garland. The feedback was amazing and the results people have seen since the workshop have blown me away.

We sent out a survey to people who attended the workshop and the average score (on a scale of 1 to 10) was a 9.7. Crazytown!

Here’s what a few people had to say:

“I didn’t wait 1 hour to put the strategies I learned from Amy to work. I received twice the return that I am accustomed to getting with a smaller ad spend! Cheers!” -Tammy Hawk-Bridges

“I got 500%+ ROI and 500+ new email leads and 7.0%+ CTR within 12 hours using FB ADs :D” -Aaqib Ahmed

In the workshop I taught a very specific Facebook ads strategy David and I have been using to get some pretty amazing results in our own business again and again. 

The workshop sold out in less than a week and we’ve gotten TONS of emails from people who missed it and asked us for the recording . . .  and here’s your chance to grab it!
We are releasing 250 copies of the Facebook Ads Workshop, first come, first serve. Get your copy now below!

Here’s what you get:

  • The recording of the workshop to watch online (and you can fast forward, pause, rewind, etc. as you implement)
  • A video download of the workshop (save it onto your computer, take it with you, put it on your iPad, whatever)
  • A downloadable copy of the exact videos we used (both Amy & David) for our super successful Facebook ad campaigns
  • A PDF download of the slides (96 slides to be exact!) from the workshop – all step-by-step details on how to use this strategy
  • Links to tools mentioned in the workshop

Here’s what you need to know:

First of all, this workshop is NOT FOR EVERYONE.

But, there is only one “major requirement” and that is you have a free gift/video series/opt in/bribe/webinar/whatever-you-want-to-call it and want to drive traffic to it (i.e. a marketing funnel of some kind). 

This strategy will work amazing for you if your goal is to build your email list and/or sell more of whatever you are selling.

What you don’t need:

You don’t need an existing email list to get started AND you don’t need thousands of dollars to throw toward Facebook ads. (Good stuff, right?)

How much it costs & what to do next to enroll

This workshop is going to be a HIGH-VALUE training and we could charge a lot for it. But you know that’s not my style. The investment is only $147 because we really want to help you.

What’s the catch? We designed this as an exclusive workshop for only those who are serious about taking action, so we are limiting seats. Grab yours now!

Simply click “Enroll Here” below and you will be sent to a registration/checkout page and you will be off to the races.

***IMPORTANT NOTE*** if you click the link below and are taken to a “sorry the workshop is full” page it simply means we closed enrollments. So, if you want in, I’d hop on it right now.


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