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Amy & David Facebook Ads Workshop

8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

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THE Facebook ads strategy that is working right now (learn it, use it)

The quick story behind the workshop

A few weeks ago, I hosted a special workshop with Amy Porterfield on a specific Facebook ads strategy that is CRUSHING IT right now (this is the same strategy Amy and I both used for recent product launches that added over six figures each to our bottom line).

The workshop had very limited seating and it sold out super quickly (in less than a week).

The funny thing is I’ve gotten literally over 100 emails (and Amy has gotten a huge amount as well) that has said something like this…

“David, OMG. My friend Anna was at the workshop and she is now crushing it with the Facebook ads strategy. I totally missed it. Damn. Is there anyway I can get a recording? Oh please, pretty please, with a a cherry and fluffy bunny on top?”

And really, it isnt that surprising. I sent out a survey to people who attended the workshop and the average score (on a scale of 1 to 10) was a 9.7. That’s crazy. But, more importantly…amazing results like these:

“I didn’t wait 1 hour to put the strategies I learned from Amy to work. I received twice the return that I am accustomed to getting with a smaller ad spend!
Cheers!” -Tammy Hawk-Bridges

“i got 500%+ ROI and 500+ new email leads and 7.0%+ CTR within 12 hours using FB ADs :D” -Aaqib Ahmed

Shannon Results

Here is what we decided to do…

As you know, my entire goal is to help you have success. And I think it would be disservice to you if I didn’t offer you the opportunity to get the workshop recording and downloads.

But, also, we can’t have the entire world knowing this Facebook ads strategy (secret sauce) so have to put a limit on the recordings. So, I talked with Amy and here is what we are going to do:

So, we decided release 250 copies of the Facebook ads workshop.

Here is what you are gonna get:

-The recording of the workshop to watch online (and you skip fast forward, etc. as you implement)
-A video download of the workshop (save it onto your computer, take it with you, put it on your iPad, whatever)
-A downloadable copy of the exact videos we used (both Amy & David) for our super successful Facebook ad campaigns
-A PDF download of the slides from the workshop
-Links to tools mentioned in the workshop

Is this for you?

First of all, this workshop is NOT FOR EVERYONE.

But, there is only one “major requirement” and that is you have a free gift/video series/opt in/bribe/webinar/whatever-you-want-to-call it and want to drive traffic to it (i.e a marketing funnel of some kind).

This strategy will work amazing for you if your goal is to build your email list and/or sell more of whatever you are selling (or launch a new product/program/service).

The key is you have something “free” to drive your Facebook ad traffic to.

And a Facebook page (duh).

But, you don’t need thousands of dollars to throw at Facebook ads. We will show you how to do this for pretty much any budget (cool, right?)

What to do next (how to get the recordings):

Click the link below to nab your copy. Once they are gone the link will be replaced with a page that says something like “Oh crap…all the copies are gone!” and you won’t be able to get one (and my guess is that will happen super soon).

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